Seamless MyMagicButt Review

This is the thing you need for that special day for a little "support". Haha. This is the Mymagic Butt Panty. It comes in a normal shape and a High Waist edition. The high waist edition helps to keep in your love handle in place. Mihmih. Just what I needed. It features a soft material and it is flexible to fit your body shape.  It is also easy to wash (hand wash only) and it lifts up your bottom as well as giving you an additional lift with it soft padding. I dont have a picture to show you because my wedding picture are still not been given by the photographer. Each panty comes in their own box. This product is specially from Supermodel Secret it self. First impression, it is so soft! I really love it. As you can see, the sides has a scallop thin sides which makes this panty stay on you and would not leave any line see though your dress like normal panties usually gives you the shame haha.

It has 2 color options (black and nude) and 3 size options S, M,L. The one that fits me is the one in M in color nude. The high waist edition is perfect f you wanna wear a dress. Each priced at RM59.00.

Overall & Thoughts. As I told you guys I picked this up because of my wedding day. Need some support and special inner for that special day yo. At first I picked up S size. Haha. Tak Muat. Then I got the one in M size with the high waisted feature. Fits me perfectly. It is so comfortable and it makes me feel "in place" if you know what I mean. I have no problem wearing my wedding dress and I have fun the whole day, The only thing is that after a while standing up and sitting down. The seamless panties seems to went up to my upper butt. It means you need to wear it properly and make sure to take it down a bit below your bottom so it stays in place for the whole day (for the high waisted one). It does not look fake at all and the padding is very comfortable. It is seamless like what it says, no "panties line" can be see though your dress. Perfect. You can watch their official video to see more about this. Product Link (here).

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  1. hi there. i've just started to wear makeup (lightly) recently and i have a question. how does one remove makeup every time before prayer for wuduk? do you have to put them on again right after? do you do this? everyday? if so, what kind of makeup remover would you recommend to be used that frequently that doesn't cause damage to your skin after a while. thank you :)

    1. hi dear, you can buy the biore makeup remover sheet. i usually stay at home and rarely makeup during the day but when going out, I buy the travel size one (small pack that comes in 10 sheets) with me when I go out. Makeup is like a nail polish. To ensure "yakin" during solat. its better to removes it all even tho the makeup is said wudu friendly. the biore makeup remover is one of the best makeup remover i ever tried. its water based, not oily, keep your skin hydrated and removes makeup thoroughly even waterproof. hope this helps, just reply here if you have more questions and i'll get back to you asap <3

  2. hey nice review.. u have a lovely blog Mashallah...jotted down everything in detail :)
    following u hope to have a follow back from u too :)
    love from

  3. oh okay, thanks! i will try to find and buy it. and do you wear your makeup on again after prayer? let's say when you're in a mall, and you have to pray. do you put a full face makeup on again? and how long does that take you? if you don't mind sharing.

    1. usually i mostly wear light makeup, so just a bit of touch up after prayer. my go to product are concealer, powder and brow powder. fast and easy, takes less than 5 minutes:D