PIPERWAI Natural Deodorant Review

Cream type of deodorant? Might be a surprise to some of you. Well most of our deodorant in our statsh are in spray/liquid/solid form right. This is the he first creme type deodorant that contains a super-absorbent activated charcoal which is called PiperWai. PiperWai contains ingredients that provide a pH-balanced environment where bacteria cannot thrive, leaving you with fresh pits. It rubs in clear by just using your hand. I was a bit interested in this product when I knew about this as I love to use powder under my arm. You could say I'm weird but this is how I was taught when I was a kid. Talk about 90's kid living with her grandma most of the time!. 
It has a fresh scent which I love, I love herbal-ly fresh scent which are the blends of 11 therapeutic-grade essential oils. Surely no BO! It is also has a skin-conditioning ingredients such as organic coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and pure vitamin E oil. Of course, great for people who have sensitive skin or even skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Safe to be apply apply after shaving because it does not have baking soda-heavy formulas.The activated charcoal mention acts to absorb moisture on your under arms. Other noted, do warm up the products between your fingers before applying. 
I love how it comes with this sleek glass jar. It looks luxurious but in a good fact, its an all natural product. Bonus for that. At frst it can be a bit messy to apply as it crumbles when I rub in. But I like the fact that it leaves my under arm matte and smelling good. A natural deodorant worth trying! This retails for 19.90SGD approx RM60 for 2oz./ 60ml worth of product. You can purchase it here :
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  1. Wow, cream type? First time of hearing it though. Comfortable ke? Anyway. nice review! Keep it up kak Sabrina :)


    1. kalau rub betul2 sangat comfortable. rasa macam pakai bedak :)

  2. My first time knowing about this.
    Was it good .. having it under your armpit? I mean, hilangkan bau ek?

  3. Replies
    1. with constat use mmg boleh, plus dia gantikan dengan bau herbs.

  4. Puan, saya mmg tercari² produk ini.mohon bantuan. Melalaui pauntan yg diberi "unavailable". Tq