I just had a Makeover! | #8hoursofLux Event

Last few weeks I made a trip back to KL for an exciting event by Lux. The event was located in 31 Square PJ, and as I entered, I was greeted by an amazing Black Orchid theme decor that is absolutely stunning. I forgot to take a picture of it as there were so many people walking pass by arranging stuff for the event. Gladly I found out Ayeen Kadir was going to the event too, so I came along with her. It has been so long since I went to a blogger event and I could say I feel a bit awkward for a bit. So had a great chat with her and come along other bloggers such as Sarah, Chenelle, Shea, Cik Epal, Namee, & Charis! So glad I could meet them all. The event starts around 11 am and we were introduce about Lux Fine Fragrance Body Wash.
This is the section where we got to try the Lux Fine Fragrance Body Wash in Magical Spell demonstrated by the Lux crew. Also the brand Ambassador which is the pretty and beautiful Juliana Evans was there to talk about this amazingly good scented body wash. The event kicks off with a speech by the brand manager. Chong Yen Nee the Brand Manager said " “The Lux Magical Spell is not only infused with fragrance notes that is crafted to last for up to 8 hours, but it is also a bold fragrance that provokes a powerful and sensual confidence in a woman. The fragrance represents any woman’s readiness to bring out a bolder side of herself and experience feeling beautiful and glamorous all over again.
Here I am, trying out some stuff around while waiting for the event to start. We were told to wear our usual simple outfit for the event because we are going for some makeover. As you know Lux body wash is all about that luxury bath experience everyone could have at home. This event is about their long lasting fragrance body wash that could last for 8 hours. Along with that Lux want women to be confident and beautiful all day long just like their amazing body wash. The Lux Magical Spell serves as a bold, powerful fragrance that will leave your skin smelling beautiful up to 8 hours and that is why they want us women to embrace the confidence within us for more new experiences.
Here is me and the beautiful Ayeen Kadir! We know each other though social media for like 2-3 years if I am not mistaken and we met for the first time face to face exactly during the event! Here we are, all 8 bloggers waiting for our next activity. Each of us was place on each of our spot for the makeover. We have Min as our stylish for the day. Lux also partner up with Zalora for our outfits and SUB International School of Beauty for our makeup.
Min & Juliana giving me some tips and idea look for my makeover. They have prepare me a full outfit that I should wear on that day and a makeup look idea for me. They want me to go for something bold which is a full cat eye look. There were no mirror everywhere, and we could not event allowed to hold our phone during the makeover. What is on our face and how we look is definitely a surprise. It was nerve racking!
 Getting my makeup done!
 ...............and here is the result! After my makeup is done, I wore the outfit that they pick up for me.
I certainty look very bold and colourful! I admit that my before look is my comfortable everyday look. I don't normally wear colourful outfit because I am actually not confident wearing it. Lux definitely has helped me looked at myself that I should experiment more with my looks. Colourful outfit makes me look more happy and confident. Ayeen won a surprise during that day, she is among the most confident of all and I have to agree with them Ayeen does looks beautiful, bold and confident! I had a great time during the event. Thank you Lux for this amazing experience and I learn a lot during the vent. Beautiful & bold, definitely I got to start my day with Lux!
What do you think about my makeover?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Since the event I have been using the Lux Body Wash religiously every morning to keep me awake and fresh up. The most favourite Lux Magical Spell will offer you an indulgent, luxurious shower experience at home with its intense fragrance that last up to 8 hours. The notes of this body wash are the Black Orchid with opening notes of Juniper Oil finishing up with the blends of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean. A scent that resembles a bold, powerful and confidence. 

I have been using Lux since forever and it is of the best Body Wash I love because it lathers so nicely and the scent last on my skin all day long. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated. Shower time has never been so fun with this body wash. I love to use it with a loofah, so I can get to play some bubble while showering. Pretty awesome bath time haha.
Remember that we were demonstrated about the best way to enjoy this body wash? We were demonstrated by the Lux crew on how to experience an indulgent and luxurious shower in just three steps! Simply wet the loofah and pour in some of the Lux Magical Spell. Gently massage the loofah until it lathers rich fluffy foam of bubbles! Massage it all over your skin and rinse it off. Deep breath (optional hehe), and smell that goodness.

Lux Magical Spell is available at all participating hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies and trade outlets. The Lux retails for RM17.90 (950ml) , RM6.00(220ml) and  RM8.90(refill pack, 600ml).

More info go to : www.facebook.com/LuxMalaysia
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