Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner #flat2fabhair + Giveaway

Another breakthrough range from Dove for your hair! It is formulated with Oxyfusion Technology that deeply nourished and smooth your flat and dry hair up to 95% more fuller/volume! What is the Oxyfusion Technology about? It is an oxygen-infused conditioning molecules that will nourishes your hair without weighing it down. Some shampoo use a formula that said to make your hair fuller but at the end of the day it looks flat. With Dove, it will give you a natural fuller hair.

As a hijab wearer, I still find that taking care of my hair is important. Wearing hijab all day long can make my hair flat and dry. I tried this shampoo and just love the result! My hair is more nourishes and not too flat even after 12 hours of wearing hijab. The best part it I crazily love the scent of this shampoo. It last all day. Even after a long day outside, after coming back at home, my hair still smelling good! 
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Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo - Start my washing routine with this shampoo. With my long hair, this helps to cut down some shampoo time with it rich lather. It has a transparent liquid which I find lathering it give me smooth bubbles that thoroughly washes my hair. Although this focus on volumizing, it still leaves my scalp fresh and all of the oils and dirt washed away when I rinse it off without giving me the dry feeling at all. This retails for RM15.00 (340ml), available at any participating pharmacies and supermarket nationwide.
Dove Volume & Nourishment Conditioner - I can never end my shampoo routine without a conditioner! It's like a whipping cream on top of a blended ice chocolate! With my long stucky hair sometimes after washing, I use a bit of this and massage it thoroughly on the ends of my hair. After 1 minute, I rinse it off and wow! My hair feels smooth again and I just use my finger to run my hair through. I don’t normally use hair dryer if I wash my hair at night. I leave this dry naturally and comb it though when it 80% dry. My hair feels smooth and fuller but not that dry type of full hair if you know what I mean. Love this! This retails for RM15.00 (330ml), available at any participating pharmacies and supermarket nationwide.
Best used together, the shampoo and the conditioner. Even wearing hijab has not been something I scared that my hair would be flat. After having someone in your life, you wanna make sure that even though you open your hijab, you wanna look beautiful right. With this hair care, my hair looks fuller and healthier. My hubby said it too! hehe. The fuller effect last pretty long day to when I am not going out or wear hijab at home. Say no to flat hair! Try this!

It's giveaway time! 5 lucky winners will will Dove hamper worth RM100 each! Ok here is how you can win, simple!

How to enter
2.Comment down below with these details :
-Name :
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- Answer to this question (How much additional volume (in %) will you experience after washing with Dove Volume & Nourishment as compared to flat hair?)

Terms & Condition :
o Contest ends 30th October 2015 at 11:59PM
o Enter once only
o You must live in Malaysia
o Comment down below with correct answer and details
Good Luck!

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