SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age Essence & Cream Review

After their successful Stempower range from SK-II they gave a more new and improve range called the R.N.A Power. It is a replacement of their Stempower range that said to be more effective and has more to offer you. Comes in 2 different texture which are essence and cream. It is SK-II new anti-aging series develop up to date in 35 years of history. One of the SK-II R&D person said that it took 3 years with 150 formulations and has been screened more than 600 candidates to make the formula perfect.

In the anti-aging line contains the two mention product which are the R.N.A. Power Cream and R.N.A. Power Essence are also powered by SK-II signature ingridient which is the new Pitera™ combined with the Radical New Age Complex (R.N.A.. Working together it activates the firmness of your skin in every angle.
First of all this is the R.N.A Power Radical New Age Essence. Comes with a sleek signature red bottle and a pipette cap to help you take out the product hygienically and easier. This is more like a serum to me but just a bit thicker. This is best using during the day to my opnion. What they promise you with this essence is that, after 1 day you can feel that your skin is much more bouncier and less visible pores. After 10 days you will start to notice your skin looks more glowing and hydrated. After one bottle you can see a significant improvement of less sign of aging and wrinkles. I love how this feels on my skin. It's light and absorb quickly to my skin. My skin feels soft and hydrated in just one application. There is no overpowering scent too, it just feels good!

Second, this is the SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age Cream. Target to give your skin more visible pores and firmness. Best use during the night if you are not comfortable using cream during the day. Here are what they promise you if you use this R.N.A. Cream, after 1 day your skin will have less and more visible pores, after 10 days you will notice an improvement sign of your aging reduced and has better and smoother skin. Hit pan, you will see that your lines and fine lines are less defined. I love using this during the night just like a sleeping mask. It has a thicker consistency and provide the exact hydration i need in my air conditioned room.

Use them together and you can see more visible result. If you are looking for an amazing skincare that targets to give you that firmer skin and ant-aging care look forward to these two. It would be an amazing product to be include in your skincare routine. i personally love both of them, they feel so nice on the skin and absorbs quickly. Leaves my skin plum and hydrated.

These product can be purchase at any SK-II Counters nationwide and they retails as below :
Radical New Age Essence - RM419 for 30ml 
Radical New Age Cream -   RM375 for 50g
More info visit their Facebook Page & Official Website :
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  1. yeay for the new RNA power cream. i love their skii stempower range..has been using them for awhile, not only works as anti aging but it is a great moisturiser as well. the best part is..the smell is nicer compared to their FTE. Great review dear :)

    1. glad to hear that! it is exciting that they improve something that has been loved, this might be love even more!