Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline Review

I have been wanting to share my review for this mascara like forever but time just would not be there for me. So today I got the chance to talk about a new mascara that I have been loving since I got it. It is this beautiful metallic pink tube mascara from Maybelline called the Lash Sensational Mascara. It is said to be the first patented fanning brush with 10 layers of bristles. The mascara it self are made out of a liquid ink formula that will coat your lashes from all sides for that full fan effect making your lashes looks more fuller and multipled

I was a bit disappointed with the Rocket mascara, and I don;t know why I am not hanging around with Maybelline mascara that mush after that. But this came in the mail and in just one application I was blown away. I instantly said, I love this mascara and has been recommending everyone who ask me what mascara can they buy. It hold my curl for hours, separate, makes my lashes longer and gives me the blackest black lashes that I love. Easy to remove with a makeup remover and I freaking love the brush it self. It has this unique fan and shape that I could not describe my self that helps application easier and faster. Definetly a mascara I will repurchase if mine dries out.

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think about it?

Retails for RM39.90 each and available at any participating pharmacies nationwide in Malaysia. You can shop online too here - Guardian / Watson .
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  1. I used it and totally awesome.. This one is the great mascara from Maybelline with the metallic pink tube .

  2. i'm also currently in love with this lash sensational mascara. maybelline truly never disappoint me in their mascara department!

  3. I agree about the rocket mascara.. a bit disappointed... but not for this one :)

    1. aah, this one tak. faith restore to maybelline mascara hehe