Wudhu-friendly Nail Polish from Zahara

Hi guys! I know I have been away. I have not feeling very well for the past days as well as right now. But I miss blogging and I have tons of things to share with you guys. Recently I got a chance to try these awesome nail polish. What makes me excited is that, they are made specially for Muslims! Another great muslim brand that I am excited about. Right now they are offering these breathable wudhu friendly nail polish that everyone can wear any time of the day.Come let's check out my review below! I got 2 shades to show you guys.
The applicator is wide enough and easy to control while applying it. I love the simplicity of the bottle it self. It has a same scent as a normal nail polish. The bottle is made out of a very sturdy glass.
Here is a simple swatch on how it look on my nail. On the top I am wearing Periwinkle Perfect, the only semi-glitter type nail polish with a blue pastel hue. Super cute! And on the bottom I am wearing Miss Maccha. Reminds me of green tea! The formulation is pretty thick, 2 layers of these give me opaque color pay off. 
I know there are going to be a lot of question about this. As what they claim, these nail polish are formulated to be a breathable nail polish, where a percentage of water can get through it. It means when you take your wudhu, you can still wear this nail polish. To a more understanding if you are still not confident with it, Nail polish are just like makeup. There are also some makeup that can be use while taking your wudhu. If you are not confident to take wudhu with it, you can simply remove it with a nail polish remover easily. Just like removing makeup, with a makeup remover. Some people thought nail polish can't be remove which is not true. You need to know what product to use. Fair point, nothing to worry about as these nail polish are also formulated with halal ingredient. So what are you waiting for!
I love how they are packed with such full of love! Love the box! Thanks for the candy!Currently they have 10 gorgeous shade you can choose from. I could say since the formulation are different from the normal nail polish, they are pretty thick like a paint, and they settle in a but matte. So a layer top coat would be nice. You can use their top coat in Oxygen.
More info and shop here :
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  1. intresting.. selalu pakai yg boleh tanggal tu je.. hehe

  2. Sab, can you try garnier bb cream miracle skin perfector and gives it a review? :D

  3. Replies
    1. link of the shop have been put in this post dear :) read carefully...

  4. i am still skeptical about mesra wudhu nail polish,, have you got the approval from any Muslim authorities to claim that this product is wudhu friendly because as far as I know all makeup must be cleaned and washed off first before taking wudhu even the so called mesra wudhu makeup Noraisya..

    1. Hello dear, just helping out with your question since I am browsing the website atm. I checked the shop FAQ, they provided the lab test link to it and mentioned the product is certified by the International Halal Integrity Alliance :) But still if you are skeptical, I think the product status for you has now turn to Syubhah so you better not use it. Hope this helps