Malaika Facial Treatment Oil Review

Let's talk about skin dryness during pregnancy or you might simply have dry skin. I normally have combination skin, I rarely have skin allergies and such. But this time around my skin has changed so much and my usual skincare product has not been doing well to my skin. I read a few articles and during pregnancy, I need to avoid some chemical based product. I need to use more of a natural skincare ingredients. So I got the chance to try some oil facial treatment and this is from Malaika. A homegrown brand features natural ingridient safe from any harmful chemicals.
Some of their main ingredients are Extra Virgin olive Oil, Lemon Oil, Castor oil, Temu Lawak Powder, Herbs and flowers. These ingredients has benefits to your skin especially in repairing damaged skin. Malaika Oil can help to heal your acne, acne scars, oily sin, blackheads, pores, dry skin without any side effects. Each bottle contains 50 ml of product and store inside a high quality pump bottle. Malaika Oil is a natural way to heal your acne scars as well as helping your skin to be more firm and all such of skin problems. With it natural oil characteristic, it also helps to remove any small amount of makeup residue during the night.
You can use this Malaika Oil just like a serum. Best used after washing your face. You can spread this evenly on to your face or you can massage this on to problem spots. I like to use this on the areas where I find most dry and on my acne scars. 
I love how it comes in this pump applicator. You won't get mess up easily and it is hygienic. Even though it is made from oils, it blends so nicely on to your skin and absorb pretty well. It has a minty citrus scent too, which I love! Best use during the day and night. I use a small amount during the day and this works great as a makeup base too when I am using matte foundation. This helps t give me a "not too flat" makeup especially when working with matte finishes. Overall I find this oil helps to reduce my dry skin effectively. You can use this product with your normal skincare product/routine. It works best as an additional serum for your skincare routine. This retails for RM55.00. It also have halal certificate and certified by KKM.

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