Maybelline Lip Polish Review

Maybelline Lip Polish Swatch
As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. I believe that I have reviewed a lot of lip products lately. Haha. #sorrynotsorry. So as you have seen in your nearest pharmacies, or better to be if the pharmacies are next door or whatever. Haha. You may have seen these lip polish. Also a lot of bloggers have been reviewing this. Thank you to Maybelline for sending me one of these. The other two I bought during The Great Guardian Makeover Event I went a few weeks ago. It was on discount so why not I grab the chance along with the review I have to do. The original price was RM32.90 but I got it around RM15 each. Pretty good deal right. Its like buy 1 free 1. We are Malaysian, we love free and discount stuff. Muahahaha. Available in 10 shades to choose from. The shade I got here is GLAM 1, GLAM 4 & GLAM 9.

It is describe as a 3 in one product. Its a lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick. Claims to be the first liquid lipstick that changes lip color forever. Infused with liquid balm to give your lips – and you – that silky, cushiony feel. All in one stunning angora-brush finish. Intense color of a lipstick, shine of a gloss and comfort of a balm in a tube. I have no idea or evidence that the brush is made out of a real Angora rabbit or what. I took this description in Maybelline website, reference (link). I am so sorry about that. I can't comment on this as I don't have any evidence of this matter. It might be a name for some kind of material or whatever. According to my friend that Angora Rabbit fur cost very high. So to a drugstore brand that has an affordable price, it may not be one. It also describe as an unique leaf shape application that makes application easier and creating that 3D effect to the product application. The applicator is soft and it has this kinda small hair strands that pick up the product evenly so your application is easier and mess-free.

Now to the packaging. I really love how it is each lip polish is differentiate with its actual color. So you can see clearly what you are reaching for. Its a clear hard plastic tube and there is a lip stick shape on it. It look so nice in my drawer. Hoho. Now to the texture. All of the lip polish have a lip polish texture. Its thick and glossy. For pigmentation, I can see that each shades has different pigmentation. Glam 1 has a peach pink undertone. Pretty like a nude pink color with a hint of silver shimmer in it. Glam 9 is the pretties among the other 2 lip polish. It has a baby pink with cool undertone. Glam 4 has a terracotta hues with red base. I don't really like this shade actually, and it is not that pigmented. Overall, I think it is an okay product. Glam 9 is my favorite. The color looks nice on my lips. Glad I bought it on a discounted price. Price wise for RM32.90 is worth the money for some shades but if you like a light and sheer finish with a hint of color of some of the shades, this is for you! It is also hydrating and stays on your lips for 1-2 hour.I think this goes so nice with a matte finish makeup look!

Name : Maybelline Lip Polish
Price : RM32.90
Where To Buy : All participating pharmacies that carries Maybelline Makeup Products. Guardian/Watsons/AEON Welness, etc.
Net Weight : 5ml
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes & bought with my own money.

Have you tried these lip polish? Which is your favorite shade?
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