HD Picturesque Loose Powder SPF 10 Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy Monday. Recently I have got the chance to try out some awesome products from our own home grown brand called Covo Cosmetics. Cool! I have a few products with me so stay tune for more reviews post from this brand. I am starting out with this HD Picturesque Loose Powder that has SPF 10 in it. So here is a little introduction of the product. Claims that, COVO HD Picturesque Loose Powder SPF10 comes in a no-waste grinder which allows you to control the amount of loose powder needed for setting your make up. Enriched with minerals and light-diffusing powders to create a soft-focus effect for a radiant and healthy glow on the skin. No oil trappings on powders, contamination or cracking. It contains botanical extracts to boost the skin’s collagen formation while concealing the appearance of wrinkles and pores. The ultra-fine, multi-functional formula virtually fuses with your skin for a smoother, younger and radiant luminosity.

Comes to the packaging, it first reminds me of the NYX Grinding Powder if I am not mistaken. Never tried that one but have heard of it. Covo Cosmetics had a standard black packaging. Looking sleek and minimalist. Pretty nice. This powder is packed inside a box with its description. As you open it. You may find a small brush. This brush is made out of natural hair britsels. To my opinion, the brush is pretty handy and high quality. If does help to apply the powder nicely. It is not that soft but pretty good. So as you can see this powder has an unique packaging. you can see a grinder in the middle. Most loose powder type of products has this kinda mess around/ all over places kinda dispenser. So this one is a little different. If you want to get the product/powder out, you have to twist it. Since it as this grinding type of dispenser, this will help reduce messiness during application and storing. Good point for that!

My thoughts. I got in the shade Nude. They have 4 shades to choose from . In the website the shade selection shows Nude has a yellow tone, so I am happy as the powder I got here is really accurate to what I want. Since I have a yellow skin tone color, this really looks natural on me. Going back to the powder, for me this ha a medium-full coverage and gives you a matte finish. I have no problem with the scent, it does not have any funny scent to my opinion. Texture wise, its pretty heavy. So if you want to get a full coverage powder or a more heavy makeup type of look. Go for this. Although it has a SPF in it, I don't have problem in taking flash light picture. It does not really reflect the light of the camera cause white cast effect to your face. Overall, I pretty much like it for a night look or when I want to do some photo taking session makeup. It also works nicely without liquid foundation. A concealer and powder is just perfect.

Turn grinder clockwise stopping to release enough fresh powder for a full-face application. Turn again if you require more. Dip brush into powder and tap gently to remove excess. Sweep over face to desired coverage.

Name : HD Picturesque Loose Powder  SPF 10
Price : RM95.00
Where To Buy : http://www.covocosmetics.com/ or click here for list of store location (link)
Made in : Korea
Net Weight : 17gm
Ingredient Highlights : See above picture for list
This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

More info go to :

Have you tried any HD powder or this one?
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  1. never tried any HD makeup before. maybe next time I can give Covo a shot ^_^ i love powders when I need FAST makeup, hehe

    1. sure! hehe <3 the brush is pretty handy for fast application tho!

  2. I tried this! THe quality is not bad but it has a tendency to be soo messy

    1. yep! the powder can be all over the places if the user are not careful.

  3. *I am not a careful user* :P But i like these kinds of powdersss hahaha. Might be trying this first before MUFE *_* lol

  4. bought but never use it...hehehehe


  5. Wow.. This is awesome.. I love loose powder.. To..
    Come n visit me at diyanamohamed.blogspot.com