Mary Kay Bronzer and Highlighting Powder Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. When I started to collect makeup I can really be honest with you that I can't understand bronzing and highlighting. I say that bronzing and highlighting are for people who love heavy makeup which in my mind picturing a slutty kind a makeup. Which I was wrong. Did you know bronzing and highlight is one of the important part in creating that most natural kinda makeup? It all need skills, technique and of course the product it self. So i was lucky enough to try these two products. It is the Mary Kay Bronzer and Highlighting Powder. The darker one are the bronzing while the lighter one are the highlighting powder.

Let me give you my thoughts in the bronzer. If I am not mistaken, the bronzer has 2 shades. Mine is Light-Medium.This bronzing powder is the new and improve product from Mary Kay. This bronzing powder said that its helps contour for dimension or you can just dust on all over for that just-back- from-the-beach look anytime. It creates a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow, and adds warmth to any skin tone. It has a finishes of luminous pearl an it is is build-able. It can also be apply easily and never looks dry on skin. Controls shine and won’t settle into fine lines, wrinkles or pores. From my thoughts it does deliver to what it claims. I love how the bronzing powder acts like a "glowing" powder. This is not suitable for that deep contour for shaping the face. That is more suitable with matte bronzer. This one has a shimmer in it. It also can be use together with your favorite blush to give that extra warm and natural glow. It is not that opaque, so its easy to control. Recommend this if you are looking for a glow "illuminator" for an extra warmth color to the face.

For the highlighter, it claims to be a natural looking highlighter that is build-able, fade resistant and long wearing. The powder controls shine and the lightweight formula feel soft and smooth on the face. The powder is made with light-perfecting technology so it appears smoother and even looking, with a touch of shimmer. I only use this a little bit with my finger and eye shadow brush. It is also not opaque which makes the application easy to control if you know what I mean. Also can be use to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. Overall, I love both products because its not too opaque which make its easy to be use and nice for everyday use.

Both products comes in a refill package which stll can be use to store both products. But if you don't like it, you can have this. This is the compact that you can purchase and compatible with the bronzer and highlighter. If you want it to be packaged like this, you can purchase it. The compact has a mirror and 2 storage compartment. But bare in mind that the refill pan only fits on the top part. The bottom part is for small brushes or sponges. You can still put the refill pan, but it does not fit nicely. More info click here (link).

I don't have an example full face product use so I guess I show you the result I use on my friend wedding makeup. I use both highlighter and bronzer for her finishing touches. The bronzer is for her overall face (on the side of the face for that natural glow, the highlighter is for her nose and cheek bone. The slight shimmer of both of these products really help on enhancing the features of my friend face. Love it!

Name : Mary Kay Bronzer and Highlighting Powder
Price : RM50.00+
Where To Buy : Your nearest Mary Kay consultant (click here to find where)
Made in :USA
Net Weight : 3 oz
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

More info go to :
Official Website :

Do you have use bronzer and highlighter in you makeup routine?
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