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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. What a week. It is so sad to know that I have lots of work to do but there is so little time. Super busy with my day job, blog, emails and my #TheProjectB. I really can't wait to reveal it. Yep. Its a lot of hardwork and I am halfway there now. Can't turn back now. So, I got tagged last week from Nabila to do a tag called the Drugstore Diva. I did get the time to do it so I am doing it this week! Oh yes please, if you wanna do this tag you are most welcome! This tag looks interesting right? All you got to do is show what is your most favorite products of each category that we can find in most pharmacies. So comes, lets join the fun and read on my most love drugstore products!

Foundation - Essence Stay All Day 16hrs Foundation
One of the best affordable foundation I ever use. It is still not holy grail as it does not really stays 16 hours. Its semi matte finish and it covers up my imperfection nicely. Easy to blend and build able. I have a few review on this a few years ago, read it here - (link)

Concealer - Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer
To set the record, I have re purchase it 3 times. It is affordable, and the pigmentation is just super nice. It is much recommend to be use under the eye. Although it sometimes crease, I love how it covers my dark circle nicely. Its a bit hydrating too. I also review it here - (link)

Powder - L'Oreal True Match Powder
Its lightweight and does not cakey. Some said its a dupe for the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. I havent tried that one so I cant compare. I don't know. I would not say its THE best powder ever, but it seems pretty nice and it work well on me. It gives a matte shine free finish and easy to blend in with my BB Cream.

Bronzer - None
I still cant find any good drugstore bronzer yet! XD

Blusher - Elf Blusher in Peachy Keen
Love this blush! Its affordable and the color is just lovely. Perfect for everyday use. Its not too bright not too light. Just perfect. Review this one too, (link)

Highlighter - None
Have not find a favorite drugstore highlighter too yet! hehe

Eyeshadow - Maybelline Color Tattoo
I know I know. I have been loving this quite a while and been a bit too obsessed with this and collecting it. It is just the best eyeshadow on the go. It does not crease (certain color) and stays all day. Will review my whole collection soon okay! I have review the neutrals ones here, (link)

Mascara - Yadah Bloom Mascara
I have a lot of drugstore mascara favorites. But I think I feature this one. Its makes my lash longer and it does not clum. The big brush makes its easy apply. I also review this, (link)

Eyeliner - Silkygirl Precision Eyeliner
Cn't say anymore. I love this stuff and always recommend to anyone. It last pretty good, and its a marker which makes people think it will dry out fast. Which this eyeliner does not. The semi fine tip makes its easy to be apply, the pigmentation is also super nice. Love it!

Lipstick - ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick & Yadah Sweet Milky Tint
My on the go natural lip product. Love how the Yadah tint just give me this glow to my lips and a subtle glossyness to my lip with the ELF lip gloss. Reviewed both product here, ELF (link) Yadah (link).

Leave a comment below if you have done it!
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  1. Makcik!! Nah kita punya entry -


    btw, kita tgh cari essence foundation tu.. susah nak jumpa~

    1. aah ramai ckp susah nak jmpa. sebab essence nya counter x semua ada kat watsons. sab selalu beli kat watsons jusco maluri

  2. L'oreal True Match Powder tu sampai sekarang belum dapat cuba lagi. Haha.


  3. my fav concealer too maybelline tu! hee :DD

  4. ehh I wanna do this tag also!! wait for mine coming soon!! =D

  5. Love the colours of the make up. Thank you for sharing!! Such a cute blog xx

  6. salam sab. mya baru je join tag ni hehe :DD


  7. Love the blusher too! :)


  8. Sab, I baru buat ni, muehehehe jemput baca XD


  9. heard a lot of good things about that true match powder,,but I have really sensitive skin and only baby powder does not irritate my skin

    1. you might wanna avoid this then. try to check with doctor, maybe ada certain ingredient you re sensitive too. :)