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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy weekendss! Oh I forgot its already Monday. Hmm... Ok, here I will review the latest eyeshadow palette that I got to try. Yes, it is again a product from Covo Cosmetics. Been trying their ranges of products around a lot. One of their best seller items are the Timeless Eyeshadow palette that comes in 2 options. One is this one called True Nude and the other one that consist of bright colors called the Vibrant Palette. Describe as the Timeless Eyeshadow Palette is a collection of 14 versatile and timeless shades hand-picked by COVO Makeup Professionals to flatter any woman and almost any occasion. This gorgeous palette features matte, shimmer and glitter textures that blend effortlessly, keeping the colour fresh all day long. The highly pigmented eyeshadow are enriched with Vitamin E and nourishing active ingredients that improves the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. It said that it is a timeless collection of colors for you. Kinda like a palette that consist all the colors that you may have need. Look at the palette it self, all the colors dies look gorgeous!

My thoughts. Let's talk about the packaging first. This palette is packed in a box and the palette itself is made out of a hard cardboard with illustrations. Did you know that the illustrations were created by Kerry, a top illustrator in Paris that has create illustrations for or big name clients such as Kate Spade, Collette Dinnigan and One thing I wish if these eye shadows has its own name for each color. Each color are arrange nicely and the color arrangement made its easy to differentiate and choose the color you want from light to dark. Pigmentation wise. Some of them are very buttery smooth some of them are quite chalky. They are build able and can be also be apply with finger easily. Most of them are shimmery. The pigmentation is quite impressive as I don't even need an eye primer to make it opaque but you need a good base to make it last longer. I also tried it with the COVO concealer as a base to make the application easy and lasting. On color selections, I think they all look lovely, perfect for beginner. These eye shadows color can be worn alone or use the darker shades to contour your crease and create infinite natural looks with these! Below are the looks that I came out with this palette. My brow are also filled in with these eye shadow.

This palette comes with a dual ended brush that is a top notch quality of brush! I love how Covo Cosmetics include tools in their products that really have a part. Haha. You know what I mean like sometimes the brush that comes with a blusher or something will end up in a rubbish bin because they are useless. I am impress by the brush. They are really perfect for beginners. The fluffy one are great for blending and the other one is great for packing eye shadows on the lid. Overall this is a good palette if you are looking for a starter nude palette, that will cost you around RM10+ for each eye shadow that comes with a high quality eye shadow brush. Purfect!

Name : COVO Timeless Eyeshadow Palette in True Nude
Price : RM145.00
Where To Buy :
Made in : Italy
Net Weight : 14 X 1.05 gm
Ingredient Highlights : No Paraben
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

More info go to :
Official Website :
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  1. Love the swatches colour turnover. The colours does look abit similar like the Naked 1 palette.

  2. Lovely looking palette babe ! Reminds me of the Narcissist palette from NARS... :) Temptation.. But I really done need another neutral palette LOL ! I've got too many already!

  3. i like the colours based on your swatch! and if the palette comes with a good, usable brush then it's another plus point ^_^

  4. Hey I did a review on this product too~! Too bad they don't have names for the eyeshadow

    1. cool! i read it now! hehe yaa.. it will be better with names

  5. the swatches nampak sooo pretty! :DD