Daisy Sky Malaysia Rose Skincare Range Review

A home grown brand that caught my attention on how gorgeous the packaging it! It also arrive to me exclusively with a box with a thank you card. Daisy Sky Malaysia has a wide range of skincare products that said to give respect to mother nature. They are all organic & vegan and gentle to any skin types and also environmental friendly. All of Daisy Sky products have no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh skin irritants. There are also free from fragrance, coloring, alcohol, preservatives, mineral, silicone and animal derivatives. 100% paraben free too! Here I got my self their face wah, best selling toner and good smelling face moisturizer/gel.
Daisy Sky Herb Rythm Foaming Face Wash. This foaming face wash are formulated with essence of geranium and sweet orange! Aaah I love the refreshing scent of this face wash! It has a foam pump bottle, so just a few pumps, it will dispense out foam bubbles. I find that it also helps to remove any makeup leftovers and does makes my skin feels fresh. This are also formulated with natural essential oils and cold-pressed extra virgin vegetable oil. So it has a moisturizing effect. This face wash are suitable for any skin types and it does not dry out my dry skin.This retails for RM119.00 for 150ml.
Daisy Sky Bulgarian Rose Alba Hydrosol.This is actually a toner. It is one huge toner I ever saw! Although the price if pretty much a splurge, but actually it is a steal. You will get 150ml worth of product with that price. It is made purely from the finest white rose picked from the Bulgarian Valley of Kazanlak. This Hydrosol is an ideal care for your skin that you can even use it as a mask, facial, bath drops and even hair spray! You can purchase the Aluminium Bottle Spray from Daisy Sky too if you want to out some to make it as a hair spray or face spray. Dis you know that this Hydrosol are also edible? Yep! Add 10ml to 1L of drinking water for consumption purposes. It is distilled with Bulgarian Spring Water in a 1:1 proportion. It is also USDA-certified, edible and bottled in a GMPC certified facility. This retails for RM290.00 for 500ml product.
Daisy Sky Bulgarian Real Rose Gel. I love moisturizer that has a gel base. It always works wonders to my skin. This moisturizer is made from Real Bulgarian Rose extract with zero preservatives or parabens. Best for people who have uneven skintone and dul skin. This gel are also produced with A.Niger technology from Inonex, a U.S company, to ensure its antibacterial and anticorrosive properties. This helps to make my skin brighter and smooth. A perfect base for makeup too. It has a refreshing gel texture that easily absorb to my skin. This moisturizer also comes with a spatula to ensure hygienic purposes. This retails for RM210.00 for 100g product.

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