Heavensource Consequence Face Regime Limited Edition Skincare Set Review

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Today I am going to share with you a great deal on a skincare set that is for skin brightening and anti aging! Sounds already great right. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Regime Limited Edition Skincare Set. It has 4 basic skincare needs in one box. Cleanser, Toner, Essence & Moisturizer. I am going to let you see on the benefits of these all you need skincare and thoughts after 10 days using it.
I love the bottle design. Simple and luxury. Also I love how every skincare are in a pump bottle. I rather have a pump bottle products than a jar. For me it is faster and more hygienic. Heavensource Consequence are formulated with effective and premium ingredients and premium formulations. All recommended acids in cosmetics are formulated together into these skincare such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Sodium Hyaluronate (more bioavailable than Hyaluronic Acid). These skincare also have more than 10 extracts, oils and vitamins. Worry free as they are also water-based, and alcohol, silicone and paraben free. They are also registered with NPRA (MOH) and produced unter certification of  ISO 9001:2008. Here are my thoughts on these skincare.

Step 1
First step is cleanse. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Cleanser Limited Edition. It helps to safely cleanse your skin from impurities, deeply clean your pores while still maintaining the acid balance of your skin. So this helps to refresh your skin, clean but at the same time prepare your skin for the nest skincare regime. This cleanser is Anti-Carcinogen. Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-Irritant. Anti-Microbial. Anti-Oxidant. Some of the features ingridients that caught my attention is Camellia Sinensis (Tea) Leaf Extrac & Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract. Because that I felt very hydrated and fresh when using this cleanser. It really soothes my skin. This can be use during morning & night. My skin is dry, so I just use 2-3 pumps. You are advise to use 3 - 4 pumps for normal skin & 4 - 5 pumps for oily skin. The cleanser feels like a gel and it lathers nicely.

Step 2
Move along to toner. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Toner Limited Edition. This helps to purify the skin and refresh. Also helps to make the next step which is applying essence, the absorption will be much more better. This Toner is Anti-Carcinogen. Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-Irritant. Anti-Microbial. Anti-Oxidant. Cell Communicator. Skin Emollient. Skin Replicator. Melanin Suppressor. Free from Alcohol, Paraben & Silicone negative. Some of the ingredients in this toner is Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract. Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water. Yep, rose water! Rose has lots of benefits to the skin. You can apply this with a cotton pad or simply tap on face and neck thoroughly with patting motion to allow it absorb to the skin faster and more effective. 

Step 3
The continue to Essence. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Essence Limited Edition. Helps to protects and nourishes your skin. Especially us hijabis, we tend to have "tan lines" or discolorations around the face. This helps toreduces the appearance of discolourations, spots and also wrinkles. Helps to tone up your skin at the same time keeps your skin firm. Simply pump out 2-3 drops on to your hand and massage with gentle circular motions thoroughly and allow to absorb into skin. 

Step 4
Last step is moisturize. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Moisturizer Limited Edition. Provides optimal hydration and prevent from your skin lacking of moisture. It also helps to prevent sun damage. This moisturizer will help to make your skin look brighter, fresher, healthier, radiant, smoother and younger. Some of the ingredient in this moisturizer are Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil & Hyaluronic Acid.

This is a moisture test I run when using the Heavensource Skincare. At first my bare skin moisture level is 15.1%, it drops down to 10.8% after cleansing. That is why it is advise to use 2-3 drops for dry skin like me. Then after using the toner and essence, my skin starts to regain its moisture and I am so impressed by the last step which is moisturizer. It increase my skin moisture to 23.8%! This skincare regime for bright and firmer skin is definitely safe for people who have dry skin like me. Usually whitening skincare can strip away my skin moisture.

This set retails for RM299.00 (such a bargain!)
You can also buy them indivisdually but if you buy the set, you will save RM33.00
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You can purchase this set through their website - http://www.heavensource.com or through their reseller. They accept payment by Cash/ Card. More info check out there links :

There are also income opportunities for you! Check out the reseller page for more info! You may earn up to 30% of the profit margin.
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