Naveen Chamomile Eye Moisturizing Review

I have not taken care of my eye area for such a long time because I have been hesitating my self to purchase one. Then I realize my eyes starts to look tired and makeup application under the eye seems bothering me with its dryness. So I try the Chamomile Eye Moisturizing from NAVEEN. This eye cream is said to rejuvenate cells and improve moisture retention. As you know saggy and tired looking eyes are also cause by lack of moisture. So this eye cream will help to visibly improves the appearance of fine lines, skin tone, texture and clarity over time. It will reduce puffiness, fine lines and makes your eye looks refreshed.

It comes in a pump bottle which makes dispensing product easy. It has a light weight texture and it is easy to apply under the eye as that area has minimal area that you can massage it in and needs gentle application. A good cream that absorb fast is a good benefits to the product. This eye cream helps to refresh my eye area and it is a good base for me to apply concealer and the baking technique. Overall it is a simple good eye cream, still no wonders to my genetic eye bag haha.

This retails for RM199.00 (30ml). More info & shop here :
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  1. looking for eye cream to help my dark circle. does this help? do u have any other recommendations?