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It has been (looking at my fingers) 7 months since I become a mother! Phew. Time sure flies. Along with that I also have been looking and learning for new baby products to help with my journey. One of the most important items is a stroller. I did even realize when the time comes; it has been very hard for me to think of which is the best. Everything looks similar to me because I don’t have any experience having a baby before right. I ask around, and most of my friends recommend me from their experience on choosing a stroller is that it must be easy to open or close back, lightweight, compact, and comfortable, can be use from newborn size to toddler and has smooth pushing features. Wow, that is a lot of features for me to look at right. But then I discover this, the Looping Stroller. It has all the recommendations from my friend’s suggestion. Let me show you more about this stroller!
The Looping stroller comes with its own bag. It looks like a luggage and yes, this stroller fits the standard IATA cabin baggage. So you don't have to check in your stroller, just place it together with your hand carry luggage. I love the look of the bag itself, it looks sleek and I guess nobody would know it is a stroller. Looks neat!
The front bumper can easily be open to help you place your baby inside the stroller. So you won’t always need to bump you baby head on the canopy or and simple place him carefully when he/she is sleeping.
The front bumper has a cover that you can detach it out for washing purposes. This is genius! As I find that my baby boy loves to suck up anything in front of him in result the bumper are always covered with his saliva. So this feature allows me to open the cover and wash it for hygienic purposes.
 The backrest can easily be adjusted to a laying down position or simply sitting down position.
The canopy can be easily closed and open back. It also comes with a covered window so you can have a peek on your baby while pushing the stroller. I find that the canopy are really well design and it covers the entire seat with shade so my baby had a very comfortable experience riding on it.
The seat itself has a very modern and sleek design. It comes with an adjustable 5-points harness and protectors for the harness & buckle. The seat is well design so even new born can sit on it comfortable until it grown to a toddler. 
The wheels also has a integral suspension and also comes with a foot lock so you can sit down and worry free about having your stroller slide down! It also has an extra smooth ride with its 12 bearings in wheels. Like most strollers does not have bearings on the wheels. So when the stroller is weight up with your baby, the stroller can be hard to be pushed.
The basket is well design and looks small but actually it has a large compartment that you can fully use it to put stuff in there. I place the waterproof cover there so I can always have it during emergency.
Worry free when the weather suddenly decides to be gloomy. It comes with a waterproof protector that is easy to place on the stroller. Then simply fold back and place it under the stroller so you always have it anywhere you go.
This stroller only weights around 6-7kg as it is made out of Aluminium. The size of the stroller when folded is only 57cm in height and 26cm in depth. When it is open the size of the stroller is 104cm(H) x 48cm(W) x 77cm(L). You can simply pull the stroller even when it is folded in the carry bag. It is compact and can easily be handle by one hand.

I hope you find this post helpful especially for mommy out there. I admit that me myself are also clueless when it comes to buying baby stuff. I have zero experience and it is so overwhelming with all the products out there and to make sure you make the right purchase, I hope you find this post helpful. More info check out below links!

There will be a Christmas package available from 20th Dec to 26th Dec. Also with a min purchase of RM200, you will get RM50 off with my code – SABRINA50
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