Latest Fashion Trends To Try Beauty and fashion pretty much go hand-in-hand.

You cannot have one without the other. Beauty accents your outfits, and your outfits are what inspire certain beauty looks. With that being said, there is always plenty of inspiration in the fashion world just waiting for us to take hold of it and make it our own.

Today, I want to go over some of the latest fashion trends that are inspiring all kinds of new beauty looks and styles. Some of the popular styles have been adapted from retro looks, and some are completely new ways to wear clothing and accessories.

Are you ready to see some of these trending fashions? Maybe you will get inspired to change things up a little too.

Prairie Dresses

These frocks are an example of a retro design being used in modern times. You’ll see in this article that these sweet dresses are “no longer a '70s cliche” and can actually be quite chic if you wear them right. Details like lace, florals, and refreshing patterns make these dresses interesting and fun. Prairie dresses are known for their loose sleeves and flowing silhouettes. Surprisingly, they don’t look as dated as you would think.

Punny Tops

Another big trend lately is tops and jumpers that have funny or punny sayings on them. A jumper that says “Oh holey night” with a picture of holiday donuts is a perfect example of this trend. There are all kinds of variations, including luxe sport tops with funny sayings as well. This piece has all kinds of examples to show you that some of these playful tops that will make anyone laugh a little.


In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of fashion is adopting the very popular lace-up technique to add extra intrigue to pieces. Tops, sweaters, and even shoes have lace-up details. This website provides lots of inspiration when it comes to finding the best way to wear this trend. There is something so appealing about this style that it's no surprise that everyone loves it! Because you can find it on all kinds of items, it is very versatile and easy to bring into your wardrobe.

Pom-Pom Pieces

Lately it seems that fashion is all about fun details. Especially when you look at the trending pom-pom pieces. There are fluffy pom-poms on everything from bags to hats to dresses, making it one of the most whimsical trends on this list. If you’re not sure how to wear pom-pom pieces, this video does a good job of giving some pointers. I think the key to pulling off pom-poms is to embrace how funky they are.

Those are just four of the many fashions currently trending. Which of these styles do you like the best? Is there one you would never try?
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