Paula's Choice Malaysia Review by Sabrina Tajudin

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There are a lot of causes to dry skin and hyper-pigmentation. It is very hard to decide which one is the main cause, so what we can do it protect and reduce it. Some of the causes can be too long in air condition room, harsh chemicals in skincare products and many more. Dry skin is when your skin becomes dehydrated. As I grew older my skin tend to get dry, from work stress, lack of H2O & probably harsh chemical in some of my skincare. So I was recommend by a facial expert to try Paula Choice skincare mainly to my main skin problem, dry skin & hyper-pigmentation. These are my 3 recommendation products from Paula Choice. Watch my video below for some demo & more explanation as below :
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1. CLEANSER - Paula Choice Calm Dry Cleanser
I do practice double cleansing in my cleansing routine. That include removing my makeup first with an oil base cleanser then continue to a cleanser. I tried this one, the Paula Choice Calm Dry Cleanser. This cleanser is formulated with soothing plant extracts and skin replenish ingredients. It does not foams up that much but it lathers to a nice texture that makes my skin feel fresh and clean. It is definitely a gentle skincare that does not strip out the natural oil of my skin. This cleanser is really good for people who have dry skin or people who experience tightness and dryness after cleansing their face.

2. LEAVE-ON EXFOLIANT - Paula Choice Calm 1% BHA Lotion
After cleansing I will continue to this Calm 1% BHA Lotion. It is like an essence+gentle exfoliate fr my skin. This will help on my 3rd & 4th skincare regime all at once that I always practice. This is not your typical scrubbing exfoliate but all you need is to massage on to your skin gently and leave it on just like an essence. This will help to soothes the redness away and makes your skin feel hydrated and supple. From that, pores can also be reduced. This is great for you if you experience wrinkles, clogged pores, dehydration and uneven skin tone. I love how light and easily absorb to my skin when applying. Sometimes I like to pat in to my skin to let it absorb better.

3. MOISTURIZER - Paula Choice Resist Super-Light Daily wrinkle SPF 30
Another favorite of mine! I don;t always wear makeup everyday as I am working from home or even if you are a kind of person who does not wear makeup, this is great for you. This moisturizer have sun protection (SPF 30) and also a light tint of natural skin color to give your skin look fresh. It has pure mineral zinc oxide sunscreen along with diverse blend of antioxidants known to boost skin environmental defenses and also prevent skin premature aging. This also have help me with my last 2 skincare steps which is moisturizing & sun protection all at once. It really hydrates and I love the fact it also protects my skin. It has a matte finish and the lightly tint of color gives a nice finish to my skin. This is great for you if you experience aging signs, excess oil (through its matte effect), large pores and uneven skin tone.

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