Planning a mini getaway around Malaysia for my Hubby Birthday

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Hey guys! Whats up! Today topic is going to be something that I had in mind. 2017 is coming and I have travelling in my mind next year. So travelling, hmm. sounds simple but have you ever thought of where do I get guidance when I am going to travel? I plan to have a small getaway with my hubby and son. Just a quick holiday around Malaysia. Going to another place that you aren't familiar with. Meeting new people and new culture. Even if it is just a neighbor state, it is still new to you. I ask around especially some of my friends who are an avid traveler for some advice. It is best to seek for guidance and do a lot of research. We have the internet and it is a wide place to look for info. It is pretty overwhelming. So I did a little research and I think Langkawi will be a great mini getaway for us.
I want to experience a chalet type of stay and just relaxing and enjoying the food together. But there are so many attactions and all we got maybe just a few days there. So I found out something that could be useful. This is the, Expedia. It has all the guide around Malaysia in just one click.
Link :
This is such simple and friendly user guidance. This site shows you on the guidance on where to go around Malaysia. A simple interactive drop-down list button shows endless possibilities and where you can go around Malaysia. As you can see here, there are a list of places in Malaysia. Such as Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and more.
So now I had a plan. For things to do, I might plan to go to the Crocodile Adventure Land & Langkawi Cable Car & Ski Bridge. I found this out through the Expedia Guide. They also has listed the address and price range there too! Now foooodddd! There are so many idea on where we should eat and I definitely will list out a few from the ideas I got from the Expedia. I might wanna go to Seashells Cafe, Nasi Dagang Pak malau and return back to Red Tomato! I have been there before and it is awesome!
I will save this link in my phone for future and easy reference. It is so useful to a noob traveler like me and also I think it is great for people who use to travel too!

More info and check all these features here :

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