My own TV Show?

It is surreal. Last year I have been back and forward from JB, KL, JB, KL to finish up this project. I was selected to be a host for a new show at TV9. It is called #sendiribikin. Basically a show about crafty stuff and DIY. Pretty sum up what I love! A total 13 episode have been successfully shoot and now it is live. Every Friday, at 6.30pm me and the beautiful Ameera Zaini (Saffiya Host) will be hosting the show. Nothing formal, a casual chit chat DIY show that I hope everyone going to love! From fashion items, food, decor and even baby & pet accessories! If you are not available to watch the show you can always go to Tonton to watch it back hehe. It started yesterday, and this is the first episode if you missed it! - #sendiribikin Episode 1
It is my first time hosting and I hope you will understand the awkwardness face I may have show in each show haha. Also that serious face while doing the DIY. I laugh at myself! It has been one of the best experience in my life ever. I could say, it was not easy but truly a great experience and fun journey. So what's next? I don;t know. All I want to know is when will my baby give me a signal that he is going to see the world! hahahahaha! *nervous*

Every Friday, 6.30pm only at TV9
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