NYX Butt Naked Underneath It All Palette Review

I got this palette a while back last year during my birthday and it has been my staple palette when I am traveling last year. This palette make me discover that I love warm and burn orange eyeshadow. Never knew it is such a versatile color and a pretty bold color to be use in my everyday. It makes me wanna go and find a single eyeshadow color that looks like some of these eyeshadow and put it in my custom empty palette. This palette comes with 15 eyeshadow color with a mix of matte, glitter, shimmer and satin finish, 4 blusher from lights, peach and bright and lastly 3 illuminators. The blush and illuminators are place in a easy to slide pan on the bottom part of this palette. The case is made out of plastic and comes with a big huge mirror that is handy. Its pretty bulky but I find that it is travel friendly.
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Here are the swatches for the NYX Butt Naked Underneath It All Palette.
The 15 eyeshadow.
From first row left to right. You can see the numbering on the back of the box packaging. There are no specific names for each of these shadows. My favorite has to be number 2,5,7, 11, 13 & 14. Some of them are butter smooth especially the top row and some of them are pretty chalky like he number 15. It is one of a kind palette that not natural palette usually have. The mix of burnt orange, greens and dark plums are amazing to create different looks than your usual. 

The 4 blusher and the 3 illuminators.
The blush are pretty okay, not that pigmented and you will need a whole lot of layer to make it visible. My favorite blush are the one in number 3 and 4. A natural matte blush that looks good together. The illuminators was pretty disappointing. It is pretty chalky and hard to blend. It does not look really smooth on my skin. But they look pretty cool when swatched.

Look I created using this palette :
I use the eyeshdow number 11 for my entire lid, 15 for my transaction shade, 12 for my crease and I deepen out my crease using the number 14. I also use the plum shade number 12 on my lower outer corner. I highlight my inner corner using the eyeshadow in number 10. For cheeks I am using the blush in number 3 and 4 then highlight my cheekbones using the illuminator in number 2. 

You can purchase this palette at Sephora. I am not sure if they are a LE or a permanent palette. I got this from my mom during my birthday and I think they retails for about RM100+. What do you think of this palette?

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  1. nice review. liz nk p cari juga lepas dpt gaji ni ehehe

  2. love the look babe! cantek sgt! miss youuuuu <3

  3. I remembered seeing this palette around December last year :D I believed it's for the holiday collection? Hehehe~ Sab dearest, how well do like this palette? Will you recommend this for beginners? I swatched it at the store last year but ended up not getting it. But then, sampai sekarang menyesal. Hahaha~ ;D

    1. could be as my mom got it for me on my birthday which is December hehe. it is a pretty cool palette, not that basic natural eyeshadow palette. pretty good for beginners, the quality are also just okay. the eyeshadow is amazing, it made me discover i love warm red and orange tones eyeshadow. they may look bold, but they are actually pretty awesome color for a bit of an extra glam on a natural look, but the blush and highlighters are a bit chalky.