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Hi guys! I have been delaying this post for a while. I did not manage to sit down and blog about this. My back pain is getting worse. My pregnancy due is just around the corner. Phew. Ok back to the topic. As you know I am an avid online shopper and always want something online. But when browsing, not all webstore offers delivery to Malaysia right. So there is this mail forwarding service called MyUs. I knew this when Michelle Phan highlight about it regarding on how to purchase her em cosmetics online and ship anywhere where you live. So basically what mail forwarding is, is that it is a service where you get your own US address. It's like have your own "place" in the United States. So you can purchase anything from the US webstore and ship to the address that you get from this service. Your package will arrive at their warehouse and then you pay for the shipping. Then this mail forwarding company will ship to you using shipping company that you choose, as that is what they do. So I am going to show you on how you can have your own US address with MyUS and my thoughts on it at the end of this post.

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So of course, first of all you have to go to MyUs page and Sign Up. I register for BASIC account. which is 10usd per year. You can go for the other package if you want. I just go for the basic for now on. 
After register you will receive and email. They actually need to review your application in 24 hours but mine was a bit delayed for 48 hiurs so I actually email their customer service regarding my application status and then my application was approved. When it is approve, my debit card was charge with the 10USD fees. 
When my application is successfully accepted, I receive my US address! Weee! So this is the address you key in during check out. Most webstore offers free shipping at certain purchase around US right, so that is kinda great!

So then I did a little shopping at drugstore.com . I purchase above 40usd and i got the free shipping. After 2 days, i receive an email from MyUs stating that my parcel has arrive. 
In my MyUs dashboard I can view my package detail. There is a setting page where you can customize on what you want. In my setting, I tick on the "original package" so they will send what they receive from the store I bought the stuff from on its original box and such. I don;t want them to mess with my box, so I opt for the original package part. This may be a bit problem if you order from several stores as they would need to compile each different boxes to you. The shipping may cost higher I think. After I have go through the detail I click "CREATE SHIP REQUEST" as a instruction to them that I want my parcel to be deliver to my Malaysia address.
Then you will view this below page where you can choose which shipping service you want. The faster it will get to you the higher the rates. Of course I have to go for the lowest rate. I don't mind waiting. I was hoping that they have a better shipping rates, I don;t mind wait for 3-4 weeks as long as I pay less. But they don;t have it, the slowest was 4-5days if I am not mistaken and it cost me 37.76 dollars. It was like my whole drugstore purchase! Pretty expensive to my opinion. Was not expecting this but oh well.
Check all the details and confirm! My package arrive as promise. 4 days. They came in the original box and below is my purchase! Still confuse? Here is a short recap on what I bebel up here.

1st - Register MyUs account
2nd - Get approved and receive your US address
3rd - Start shopping and during check out add the US address in the shipping information form. You can shop at more than 1 store, they will send to the address you have filled in.
4th - Wait for MyUs to notify you that your package has arrive at their warehouse
5th - Check your MyUs Account, view the details of your package on the dashboard
6th - Send instruction by clicking "CREATE SHIP REQUEST" on parcel you want them to send to you.
7th - Choose your shipping option and prefered rates. Don;t forget to check on the other details such as insurance or what so ever stuff on the right side bar.
8th - Pay your shipping fee, using PayPal.
9th -Wait for your package to arrive at your home!
10th - Take an snap chat or insta pic and hashtag #iambroke. lol. this step is optional. haha!

I got all the stuff that I have been wanting to try for the longest time!
My final conclusion is that overall it is a great experience. My package arrive safely, as promise and the transaction was super easy. Only that I really hope they have a cheaper shipping rates and I know it will take longer time but I don;t mind. I'm used to that as I always shop at eBay that usually offers free shipping or cheap shipping with longer days to arrive. So far I had no problem with that.

So far as I convert the price I pay (product + shipping) they are still reasonable and pretty much the same price you can get from sellers here in Malaysia. Maybe cheaper if you buy more and save on the shipping.

I am happy that I have an MyUs account now, so I can get stuff that is hard to find here in Malaysia. Maybe I can shop for things that I really want or big sales that they always have. For example have you hear that MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow refill pan is now 6USD? The original price is 10USD. The price is the same as MUG eyeshadow! or maybe I can get the bag I have been wanting for so long which is the Kate Spade bag. Kate Spade always have amazing sale and that would be a good deal for me. If you have any questions, do leave a comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Hope this helps and have a great day ahead!

**Update : MyUS saw my post and they are offering a
Premium Membership for free (usually $20) and 15% off your first shipment:

Click here to sign up : https://account.myus.com/SignUp/SignUpG4.aspx?aid=1005194 
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