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Hi guys! Just a little sharing. Did you know MNG Malaysia is available online! Awesome right. So you can get your hands on these fabulous items right at home! If you found the item are sold out in store, maybe you can check in the website. I love MNG! Their design are very up to date, quite affordable and high quality. I have some pair of jeans, tops and bags from them. I usually go for their sale. awesome discount price. Here's a tip on buying pants/jeans from their shop. I found that their jeans are stretch out after washing. So when you trying them, go for the size that are the most fitted one. the most ketat one! then after washing and a few wear, the jeans will nicely fitted to your size. I have a jean that i bought a bit bigger than my usual size for comfort. But then it tends to get bigger and i does not look nice on me anymore. I have to wear belt to make it fit to my waist.
***all picture shown are owned / credit by/to Mango (MNG) store.

 Click here for the website 

Do you love shopping at MNG? What is your best purchase from the store?

Hugs and kisses

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