His Girlfriend


Assalamualaikum & hello! 
Quick post and random stuff I would like to share. If you have been reading my blog since I have started you know I own a cat called Tubbie. And most of my Instagram pictures most are filled with his pictures. He is a red tabby cat. He have been single for quite a few years, this year my dad gave him a companion. Glad he was ok with his new surrounding because he was all alone all these years. Will talk more about him later. ;) I was quite busy this early year could not get the chance to go back to my parent's house and see him. I even haven't meet his new girlfriend. I would like to share this picture that truly blow my stress and challenges from things around. These pictures truly made me smile :)

This is when Tubbie first meet Munchy.

After a few days <3

Sorry for the carpet background and everything, all pictures are taken spontaneously.
Will blog more! <3

Hugs and kisses

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