OMG! She cheated?

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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!
Being in a relationship is not easy. I guess its a lie if a relationship does not have ups and downs. Remember my last post? CLICK HERE. Here is a continuation about the video. It seems Nick have forgotten Amy. I bet both of them are aware of that. However we have data plan in this kind of age. Or long realtionship doesn't work? Or it work with a science logic? Haha!

Not reason for not contacting right? But then what's Joe is doing? Let's watch the video -

Or they just going out for fun when Nick arrive? Maybe Joe and Amy are just friends?

 How Nick gonna react???

So what would happen next? Stay tune for the story to be unfold in 18 Jan this week!
I wanna know what do you guys think it gonna happen!
Leave you comment down below! <3

More info click here -

Hugs and kisses

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