Morning Hygiene Routine

I'm back with another video! Doing something fun at the same time showing you some cool products I have tried recently and got really obsessed with it! They are products from RedQuay and here are my video! Special appearance, my baby boy Aryan!

Products featured :

Kustie Shower & Bath Gel
Who does not want to be showered with real flowers everyday? I want! Featuring the shower & bath gel range from Kustie. Has 4 different variants to choose from. Rose, Chamomile, Lavender and my favorite and its their best seller, Cherry Blossom. Each variants has it owns specialty. Kustie shower & bath gel are infused with real flowers in it. You can see it through the bottle it self! Each Kustie Shower & Bath Gel retails for RM34.98 for 500ml & RM11.66 for 100ml.
In depth review read my previous post here.

An invention that has change my life completely! I have witness a few time Mr Lipas sitting on top of my toothbrush for no reason! Imagine the time were I did not notice and I use the tooth brush to wash my teeth? OMG. This clip on Steripod helps to protects and keep your toothbrush fresh and clean. It has an "Active Vapors" that helps to suck in all the germs on your tooth brush. Each twin pack retails for RM29.68, comes in 3 sets of color options - Blue/Green, Blue/Pink, Red/Orange.
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Did you know bad breath are mostly cause by your tongue? You betcha! A perfectly design tool that helps to scrap out all the gunk and dirt on your tongue easily just like brushing your teeth. It has a soft silicone like bristles on top of it to help deeply removes dirt from your tounge. OraBrush are available in Blue, Pink or Green and each retails for RM19.08.

In depth review read my previous post here.

Available at most Watsons stores or online -
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  1. I dah try dah bath gel ni...mmg best and wangi....terasa cham mandi bunga je...hehe

  2. Nice sharing sab....
    Esp yg tooth brush tu...
    Tpi yg shower gel tu pun mcm best
    Ehh semua la mcm best๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š