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What is this thing? Pretty straight forward! This is OraBrush. It is a unique design tool with ultra soft bristles that helps to deeply clean your tongue pores by pulling out the bacteria. There is also a  built in scraper on top of it to help collect all the gunk. As seen on Jenny Claire Fox video on how she keeps her dental care on point! Brushing your teeth alone is not good enough as most bacteria are "collected" on your tongue 90% of bad breath comes from the tongue. It is hype all over YouTube and this is what my thoughts on it.

Some people say just use a tooth brush to clean your tongue, this is the method that I have been using and one thing I hate doing it is that it feels rough and the routine is pretty time consuming due to the small brush head on all toothbrush have, Then I found this, the OraBrush. The head is wide and made from soft bristles with a built in scraper. OraBrush works the same way as a surgical scrub brush and the handle are pretty much the same as a toothbrush. So it is a pretty simple product just with different brush head.
The bristles are made from a soft "silicone" like material. Perfectly to deeply scrape of the dirt of your tongue in just a few scrap. There is a scrapper on the back of some toothbrush but I felt like it does not do the job properly, with OraBrush the bristles are much wider and "taller" if you get what I mean. So it brushes of the dirt of my tongue easily and effectively.
You can see the different. All you have to do is use the brush and scrap from the upper part of your tongue and go downwards, then rinse of with water. This is just in one use. It took just a few seconds my tongue feel clean and I do feel much clean! You know that satisfied feeling after brushing your teeth, but with this after brushing my teeth, it felt much more satisfied!

Still confused? Watch this How to use OraBrush video here - link
OraBrush are available in Blue, Pink or Green and each retails for RM19.08.
Available at most Watsons stores or online -
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1 comment

  1. First time tengok benda macam ni. Hahah. Nak belilah nanti kalau jumpa kat market area Sarawak ni. Diari Mommy Muhaimin