Casio Exilim ZR 3600 Review

The all new EX-ZR3600 is added to the Casio family! Release in all Casio stores from March 2016. It is an improved camera from the previous selfie friendly camera from Casio. This camera features the popular makeup mode shot that will make your selfies more awesome. You skin in the picture will look more fresh and leng-lui! I have been using this camera for a few months now and this is my review. Also there are more great features I want to show you guys about this camera.
If you love selfies, you got to check out this camera, This camera is made specially for selfies lovers out there to its Selfie Art features. There are 5 artsy selfie filters such as Elegant, Foggy, Fairy, Nostalgic and Vivid. The camera is light on the hand and feels firm when holding it. Not bulky at all. Of course, the LCD screen can be flip 180 degrees to the front for easy selfie time.
What I like about this camera is that i has a shutter button on the front. Seriously, it helps along from taking shaky picture. Its like taking selfies using your front camera phone but waaayyy better quality. Oh also if you don't want to hold the button, you can use the wave selfie mode. Just place your camera somewhere on the table like that and wave. Then in 3 seconds it will automatically shot your picture.
There are a few more camera mode that you can choose. My favorite is Best shot. Easy and straight forward. I can also adjust the brightness, skin mode and makeup mode easily.
Have you seen I post more selfie lately in my Instagram? Well, thanks to this camera! It has a built in WiFi mode that helps you to transfer picture to any smartphone easily. I have a video on it on how to transfer the picture taken by the Casio ZR3600 to your phone. Click here!
This is the makeup mode that I am talking about. You can adjust its level based on your preference, I like it to be natural and just a bit softer. So I add just +2 on the makeup mode and just a bit of exposure.
Here are some of the pictures and selfies I took with the camera. Also I don't know why, OOTD pictures seems to be so easy to take! Trust me, the OOTD picture are just 2-3 shoots and I'm already happy with the result of the picture. 
Also they have more filters and artshot that you can use like below! Dont know how to choose, just use the multiple art shoot features and it will take the same picture with different filters that you can choose.
 Here are the example :

Since I got this camera, I have been taking pictures non stop. It is travel friendly and compact. I don't use my phone to take selfies anymore as this just makes my selfies way better. Selfies lovers, check this out, this is a great camera to bring anywhere you go! It has a large sensor that can also be found in the EX-TR70. Comes in 3 cute colors too! Which one you love?

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Casio EX-ZR3600 (White, Purple, Pink)
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  1. wahh macam best je memang tengah cari camera kecik as the one that i have is a bit bulky to bring anywhere

  2. oh my this camera is trend kamera kecil..dulu DSLR skg jarang da pakai

  3. wow lawa nya camera nih ! just came across -from your new follower !