Top Natural Skincare Picks from Sephora Malaysia

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Last May was Sephora Natural Skincare month. I just got the chance to blog about it since I was busy and on my confinement period. So yeay, haha. I am still excited to share about this post as I know most of us love natural products. We opt for natural skincare as we know it has less harsh chemicals that may harm our skin in the future. Since there are some many out there I will be recommending some natural skincare that I know you are going to love! All items are available at Sephora, your favorite beauty store of course! Each product features its main natural ingredient and I will give you my quick thoughts and feedback about each of these top natural skincare picks from Sephora!

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum | RM239.00
Key Natural Ingredient : Rosewater.  New Product alert! Emphasize on the new makeup trend which is dewy skin. This serum is infused with rosewater and will make your skin looking healthy dewy looking from within. It was also an inspiration from the best seller Fresh Rose Face Mask. This serum is very lightweight and it absorb immidietly on the skin. Comes in a pump bottle and the texture of this serum is gel-liquid. The scent of the rose is not too overpowering, smells really like one of my rose base bady mist! I love it! Available at Sephora Malaysia Stores & online - link

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray | RM99.00
Key Natural Ingredient : Lavender. Aaah.. One of my favorite of all! Pillow Spray! Have you ever tried one? Pillow Spray is a product where you spray on your pillow or bed cover before you sleep. The scent helps promote rest and relaxation. This Works has more scent options, this one has a spa like herb type of scent. Made from natural ingredient and one of the is Lavender, the most famous plant scent that helps to calm and relax. 99% users said that with this, they have much more better sleep at night. Available at Sephora Malaysia Stores & online - link

Estelle & Thild & THILD Biocleanse Detox Mask | RM171
Key Natural Ingredient : Black Elderflower. This mask helps to draws out impurities and toxins, while the key natural ingredient which is the black elderflower will help to detoxifies and in result your skin is firmer. It is a mask pack, applay generously on your face, leave this on your face for 3-5 minutes, rinse with warm water and wa-lah! Available at Sephora Malaysia Stores & online - link

Erborian Yuza Doudoune for Hands | RM58.00
Key Natural Ingredient : Yuzu Peel Extract. This hand cream acts as a antioxidant barrier and protective agent to your skin to help reduce moisture loss and keep it soft and soft all day. It is also rich in Vitamin E, which means has also anti aging properties. Comes in atravel friendly size tube, perfect for anytime anywhere application. Only available in Sephora Malaysia Stores.

June Jacobs Neroli Hydrating Mist | RM228
Key Natural Ingredient : Bitter Orange. This face mist helps to lift up and refresh your skin on the go. The key ingridient which is the Bitter Orange are extracted from its delicate blossom from the south France. A mixture of Neroli and bitter orange fruit extracts along with a patent-pending blend of tea extracts helps revitalize the skin and stimulates cells regeneration that also helps to combat visible sign of aging. I am not fan of the scent, but the mist itself does helps refresh the skin instantly. Available at Sephora Malaysia Stores & online - link

Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask | RM35.00
Key Natural Ingredient : Camellia Oil. A must try face mask! Helps to combat early sign of aging from its botanical blend of cold-process tsubaki (camellia) oil and marine collagen. In result your skin feels hydrated and baby soft skin like. The mask has an innovative design, features a two-piece mask which allows perfect fitting on the entire face. One is on the upper part and one for the bottom part. Only available in Sephora Malaysia Stores.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet | RM140.00
Key Natural Ingredient : Organic Grape Water. I think this is the old packaging, from the online store, it has a different packaging. Well this sorbet, say it like soorrr-baayyyttt.... This is a gel to cream "lotion" that turns into liquid when contact to the skin. Claims to increase your skin hydration up to 127% and also helps to reduce redness. Available at Sephora Malaysia Stores & online - link
Edible Beauty On The Fly Travel Kit | RM227
Key Natural Ingredient : Cocoa butter & more. A complete travel kit that contains 4 skincare products, No 1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk, No 2 Citrus Rhapsody Radiance Tonique, No 3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum, and No 4 Vanila Silk Hydration Lotion. Each skincare comes in a light weight glass pump bottle. Step 1 which is the Clensing Milk cleanses and purifies your skin with coconut oil benefits. Step 2 which is the Radiance Tonique contains unique blends of antioxidants rich fruits and herbs. Then continue to step 3 by using the Ageless Serum, it is rich
Only available online link .

This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up | RM189
Key Natural Ingredient : Echium & Sunflower Oil. A primer that helps to reduce the sign or tired look of your skin in just seconds. It has Hyaluronic Acid and caffeine uniquely combine with Bio Boost. It is a revolutionary plant based blend that restore, heals, brightens and tighten your skin instantly. Also said this is like a leave on mask, moisturizer and primer that can be use daily or occasionally through out any day. I use this before applying makeup and this does helps to hold my makeup better. Available at Sephora Malaysia Stores & online - link.

More info and shop online at Sephora Malaysia here - click me
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  1. i really need Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, thank you for sharing
    hope that thing can solve my insomnia problem =)