DIY Kitchen Counter - Your Storage Solution

I have move in to a new place and I thought I share you guys on some of space and living items that you can check out. I move to a very small apartment and I understand the struggle newly weds or young adult have problems when it comes to furnishing your home in a minimal cost. So I found that in Malaysia, most Kitchen has lack of working space during cooking. To have a kitchen counter is pretty expensive, so I discover this website where they have customization part to make your own table top/counter/storage shelf and more! Watch my video below :

As mention, this is the website. It is the Vetop Storage.

It only takes 8 minutes for my husband to completely finish building the kitchen counter that I mention about. the wood shelf on the top part really makes it looks like an expensive kitchen counter. Anyone can build this thing, you do not need any other tools such as hammer or nails. The compartments uses this clip on clips on each levels and combination of the parts.
The levels and shelf bar are very very sturdy. Pretty heavy and it is a real solid metal. So no worries!
I just love the wooden shelve finishes! I could say since I have this table top as my kitchen counter, my cooking process has never been faster and easier. I can lay the ingredients and utensils on the table top and so all the chopping on the table top.
There are more ways to customize and ways to use the shelves. You can use it in your living room, kitchen, children play room and more!

More info and shop go to :

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( discount RM15 for all size of rack, accessory and chair not included )
Start from today until 30th September 2016
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  1. Good idea! Because of what you have here, I suddenly think that I could make use of our old patio furniture as a living room decoration as well. I mean look at this one it's like a library-inspired living room.

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