Cotton Candy Bingsu only at Owl Espresso Cafe Subang

Yesterday I had a very special lunch at Owl Espresso Cafe. The cafe is located in Subang inside Menara Rajawali. It has a laid-back cafe style that offers amazing pasta dishes, coffee, cakes and of course, this special bingsu. Owl Espresso was founded by a Korean man and he decides to retire and go back to his country, then the cafe was passed to Darren and his team. They now offer more choices of food that we all will love.
 There are many choices of Bingsu you can choose from. From fruity flavour to creamy coffee. What makes the bingsu much more special is that they made the "ice" out of milk, which is softer and much more flavoured.
Now let me introduce to you Panda & Bubu. The star in the cafe! They are specially made from cotton candy and they are huge! Inside them, are the bingsu! How cool is that! I squealed when I saw it. It is super cute! Panda comes with Red Bean, Vanilla flavoured bingsu while Bubu comes with Watermelon flavoured bingsu. The bingsu comes in 2 size, which is regular and large.
You have to open up the whole cotton candy in order to reveal your bingsu! It was fun of course. haha! I got mine in regular and I can even share it with my husband, its a big portion! 
Other than that they also serve various drinks from blended coffee, chocolate drinks, hot drinks, and fruit smoothies.
Hungry? They have the main course too! From various pasta to special OWL Chicken grill that comes in 3 different flavour which is Black pepper, Honey and Mushroom.
Another favourite of mine and hubby this spicy Raymun! Comes with OWL signature fried chicken too. Super nice if you are a spicy lover, you should try this!
 Then this is the Alio Olio pasta with onsen egg!
Dessert time! They do serve different cakes every day and also this special Black Charcoal Waffel. They also have it in green tea.
 Toasted Marshmallow wit Nutella anyone!? Yum! Also many other desserts you can try over there. Definetly a great place to come over and have a great time with your family & friends!

The cafe is pretty spacious and a perfect place for intimate gathering. They also have a smoking area and free flow of drinking water. These owls are also available for purchase, and they are specially handmade!

Owl Espresso Cafe is located Owl in SS15 Subang Jaya, next to Inti College, directly opposite McDonald and Starbucks in Subang. 

Address: A-2-1 Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya 47500 Malaysia
Phone : 03-56135848

More Info, check out their official Instagram Page :
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  1. OMG, that charcoal waffle is tempting! Your post makes me hungry and it is already near midnight......... Anyway, nice post! :D