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Things have pretty much changed since I got married and become a mom. Motherhood has been the greatest thing that happened in my life and I pretty much enjoyed it. It was not an easy thing but I do learn a lot about things in life. Before I got married, I am all about beauty and makeup. I tried so much stuff and had a few favorites in mind. Skincare are very important to me. Good skin puts me into a good mood. I am going to share with you a few beauty essential that has been my Holy Grail products and helped my skin so much due to my busy lifestyle. When you are a mom, you got to multitask right? I’m getting good about it! Years of trying and learning about skincare, I learn that the best skincare routine I ever tried is the 10-step Korean skincare routine that I learn a few years ago. What it includes are, Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Exfoliate, Toner/Essence, Serum, Spot/Targeted Treatment, Sheet Mask, Eye Cream, Moisturizer, Sun Protection/Sleeping Mask.
Well, that is a whole lot of stuff right? But trust me, it really works and makes a difference. But I ain’t got time for all that in my daily routine. So here are some of the items I include in my skincare routine, and some of them, I have been using it for years! I always start with cleansing. Whenever people asked me for the best skincare recommendations, I always ask first, what are their cleansing routines? A good cleansing routine leads to a better skincare application and result.
So my cleansing routines are at least double cleansing (Makeup Remover wipes & Cleanser). If I got more time, I will do triple cleansing which includes a Makeup Remover Sheet (to remove face makeup, waterproof mascara, eye makeup & lip makeup), Cleansing Balm for the whole face makeup again, making sure all of the clogged dirt & leftover foundation are removed, and lastly, the cleanser. This way, skin are really deeply cleanse so it won’t make your skin clogged and cause skincare are not fully absorbed. My favorite for 7 years, the Biore Makeup Remover Wipes as a start, it removes any kind of makeup effectively. It also hydrates the skin. Then my favourite cleanser has to be the Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. Both of these product is the perfect combination to a truly cleanse face.
Then I also believe in how important exfoliating is. Up to my 4th jar of these exfoliating pads from Neogen, hands down the best exfoliating experience I ever had. It is easy and effectively makes my skin feels more cleaned and firm. It has 2 side where each side helps in a different way to the skin. After exfoliating I will use a toner and my favorite toner is the Beauty Water by Son & Park. When days I don’t exfoliate my skin, this also helps. I use a cotton pad with this toner and it just removes the dirt out of my skin again. See how dirty our air is now and how it can cause clogged pores, even if you are not wearing makeup. I continue my skincare routine with my favourite Vitamin C Serum from Wishtrend & during not so busy days, I use the nose pack and it helps to keep my nose feels smooth and minimize the pores.
Lastly, my skin supplement. Non other than the infamous, H2O! I personally hate drinking plain water, trust me! I will crave for sweet drinks all the time. But what helps me to drink more water during the day are these cute tumbler that I got from Forever 21. The straw from the tumbler helps me to drink water faster. Sounds weird but it really helps! During my laptop is loading or buffering, I will sip on these tumbler. Moving on to my makeup routine, which are actually pretty simple.
Every morning I am rushed to make breakfast for my family, help prepare my son and making the beds. So I will go for a quick makeup routine and these are my go to make up stuff. I always go for eyelash curler; it keeps my eyes look more awake without even need to apply an eye makeup. Then brows! So important! My favorite has to be using the Brow Gel from Colourpop with my Breena Beauty B216 Brow Definer brush. Then, the lip and cheek! I just use my Breena Beauty Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Peachcake.
During special occasion days, of course, I will treat myself with a full makeup routine that includes foundation, bronzed & highlighted cheek and full on eye look, my favorite! Beauty products has been my passion since I was a teenager and it helps me to feel happy and confident. Thanks to Youtube too for all the info and tutorials that helps me learned new things!
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