HAUL & LOTD : Online Shopping at Whitesoot!

Yeah~! My package have arrive. I am a avid online shopper. I will and do rave about the shop if their service is good, quality of items as promise and anything nice about it. If I'm not satisfied, I will just keep quite just to be fair and no intention to jeopardize anyone business... :) I ordered Grey Drape Blazer Cardi, RM45 from Whitesoot! What I can say is, I totally recommend on shopping there! What most excite me is her customer service, usually when i go online shopping, the process will be... Sending form, seller ask for payment, I pay, they said they accept it and FULLSTOP. Like nothing happen. But what I can say is, I have such a great experience shopping it and totally will come back! I promise you! Whitesoot totally one of my favorite blogshop! It is my first time ordering from their website! Here's some reviews & pictures!

Love the tag! IDK! They look very nice! :D

The actual picture from their website.

I ordered my blazer on 21 September and receive it on via Pos Laju!

Interested to shop there? Here's some details

Visit - 
Whitesoot  (www.whitesoot.blogspot.com)

Pre-Order or Ready Stock clothes?
They are all Ready Stocks! :)

Do thy ship internationally?
Yes! But first, you have to email them your address.
Click HERE for future detail, (refer question 4)

Contact :

Link to the item I purchase -
Grey Drape Blazer Cardi (BESTSELLING ITEM), RM45 - Click here

Review -
Love the quality! NOT like the ordinary China clothing that always disappoint me :(. Love the tag on the garment! Hehe! Looks like well prepared! The sleeves is a bit big for me, or maybe it was just me for having such a small arm... haha! But still nice! I think i need to buy a pin to pin the front cardi to make it look much more neat... Overall, I LOVE IT! HONEST!


They having a giveaway in their blog, which you can win a gorgeous Tiffany & Co. necklace! My entry was quite late, I hope i can still make it for my entry!

Interested? Click here for more details - CLICK ME! Ends 25th September! Hurry! Open to all Malaysian only!

Therefore here goes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITESOOT! I just discover your blogshop! I love   your collections! Affordable yet gorgeous! Please add more! Below is a special birthday card specially made for you guys! A little birthday outfit inspire by the Tiffany blue color! Enjoy! <3 Keep up the good work! Rock on Malaysia Online Blogshop!

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  1. Just checked out their website and they really do have cute cute things!

  2. @Rosamond Kim - Gorgeous eyh! I love it too! Already aim some other garments to buy in the future! :D

  3. Sabrina I think your new hair is absolutely suit you, and you oh so petite and cute.

  4. @Rafifi - Aw! Thanks! You'r so sweet! :D

  5. Hi!=)
    thanks for your comment!
    like your look,nice blog!
    follow you and i hope that you return on my blog!
    kisses and have a nice day!=)


  6. @lapetitblonde - oh my! how sweet of you! thanks for following! I'm honored for such a great blogger to follow me! sure i will visit back! <3

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  8. The Grey Drape Blazer Cardi is beautiful! It has colors that make me think of a stormy night.
    Real Shoppee