REVIEW : Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette (Limited Edition)


Yes! The long waited 15th anniversary palette by Urban Decay is mine! I got mine at KLCC Sephora, Kuala Lumpur. It was launched on 1 September 2011, Thursday. I was so disappointed that time as I’m not around near there. Lucky me! My boyfriend was around KLCC as he celebrated his Eid in Selangor.

Elegance die cut vinyl pattern, bejeweled symbol, secret hideout!

First column from the left, downwards :
Midnight Rodeo : Super glittery!
Midnight 15 : A nice favorite inner corner color!
Vanilla : Often use to highlight my brow bone
Flow : A nice base color.
Chase : Favorite everyday color! Can be use by its own! Love x3!

Second column from the left, downwards :
Tainted : Pretty nice. Not a fan of soft pink color (yet)
Junkshow : Extreme bold pink! Super nice!
Omen : Lavender purple with a pink under tone!
Evidence : Perfect for the night color!
Deep End : Reminds me of view in somewhere beach paradise!

Last/Third column from the left, downwards :
Deeper : the name says it! Perfect for deepening the crease on the lid! Super pigmented!
M.I.A. : Dark brownish color!
Ace : Super grayish metallic color! A perfect combination with Evidence.
Blackout : SECOND FAVORITE! Damn love it! Blackest black eyeshadow ever swatched! Can be use as a eyeliner too! Can be used and match with any eyeshadow color!
Half Truth : Purple + Gray = "purpliciousygrayish”

Heart-ed symbol equal to LOVE!

What I like and could say about it :
A great combination of colors! From left to right column, you can see that the 1st column consist of nice neutral highlight/base color, 2nd column is more to a fun color, while on the last column consist of neutral dark color. The texture is amazing! It glides smoothly, true to color! I just swipe a bit and when I put it on my lid the color is just superb! Totally in love with it! The price is also reasonable! Its like RM12 per eyeshadow!

What I don’t like about it :
The packaging is nice! Seriously nice! Such a great artistic look packaging. Only that it seems bulky. Seems and looks fragile. I can't imagine if I drop it and broke everything. (jaw dropping!)

Whre can in get it in Malaysia?
Any Sephora Outlets (KLCC & Starhill)

How much is it?
RM180 ( USD 55 )

Rating :
9.5 / 10

*Im trying to post out th looks that i have made on my recent use of it! But mayb next time. Im noob about taking eye makeup picture. any ideas or tips? leave a comment below! Love ya!
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  1. I really wanted this, the shades look gorgeous :( I'm kind of horrible at taking eye makeup photos too but a technique I found that works was by positioning the camera on the table and hold a mirror behind the lcd screen so you could see where your eye is :) yes you have to crouch awkwardly for a few seconds but it works :P

  2. @Chloe Nghiem - Ya! The palette is gorgeous! I am very noob on taking a picture of my self, ending up my eyes looks squint in the picture! haha!

  3. I love this palette! The colours are amazing I'm not sure about the packaging too, it's pretty but not very practical, anyways I can't wait to see the looks! ^^

  4. Love my palette too. Do u have a camera with an LCD screen that flips out? I find it extremely handy to take selca. I'm using the Canon G12.

  5. i love the palette but the packaging is not that good...i like smaller stuff so it could be one of the makeups in my purse...

  6. @Lily-nope... :( i use the ordinary olympus camera. Pretty hard... Mayb i need to get some help with my friends... Hehe!

    @Jess - ya... Mee too. The lid of the palette can easily be open... Chances for it to open are really high.

  7. @Kallen - the packaging meant to be put only on the vanity i think...hehe... I will try to post up some looks!

  8. Hai Sabrina. I wish I have this palette. So lucky you have it. Bestnye!!!. I do not know when I can go K.L. Because I do not live in K.L. So hard. ;( (I'm new in blogger world) : )

  9. @elianto2323 - hehe! xpela! nnti kalau u dtg kl leh singgah Sephora! Byk lg palette Urban Decay kluarkan punye... yg baru Mariposa ni pn best! Aaa! tp dh ada palette ni..cukup la...hehe...

  10. Sabrinaaaa~~!!! I'm soooo mad at google!! I've followed your blog awhile back but your post never pop in my subscription. Damn! btw, RM180 is quite affordable considering it's urban decay and the quantity of the eyeshadows is 15 altogether. Insane. Argh..I'm about to pass out already. haha. I still need to hold back until the new semester since sangat malas nak pegi KLCC sebab i tengah cuti. haha. thanks for posting this! <3

  11. @Annyss - Annysssss~~! :D Naughty Google! hehe! Ya! Its liek RM12 each eyeshadow! Which is a good highly pigmented eyeshadow! Just love! Especially in the shade Blackout! hehe! My pleasure dear! Its ok, i know UD will come out with lots of great palette in the future which will always makes me want to buy them especially because of their packaging are insanely nice! hehe! thanks for dropping by dear! Really appreciate it!

  12. loving your review.