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Hello everyone! It have been so long since i post something here. Finally I have just finish my 4th semester examination! Alhamdulillah! Last Satuday I have been invited from SilkyGirl to join their newly product lauch event! I am so happy! I counld not belive myself to be invited in such great event like that! It was held in The Bees, Jaya One. I meet Diana, Amanda and Maria Elena personally! It was a blast event! Firslty, Below are my look that i have been wearing quite frequently. a natural shimmer with a hink of pink! I have to crop the background and replace it with a wallpaper. =P. Because there were something unpleasant to see at the back. Haha!

Refreshment are served and we all get to try hands on on all the new product! Fun!

Here are some of the pictures i took during the event. I get to play with all the stuff! While The Makeup Artist for SilkyGirl called Dee demonstrated on her work to a model, we all get to try them.

They came in 4 shades.

The swatches. Theses are the newly launch shade from their duo eyeshadow.

From Left is the Glossy Trio and newly launch shade lipstick.

The color payoff is quite nice, but i would not wear it. Its too bright! I never get the guts to wear bright lipstick.. yet!

Dee, SilkyGirl Makeup Artist! She is very friendly and nice!

The photography section. They provide fun props that we can use during photo session!

Food Galore. I really love the chips!
Back from the vent, I cant get my hands off to see what goodies I've got! (Ok, I lied) I have opened them since Im in my Bf car. =P This is what they gave! I really love the box!

This is the eyeliner I have been talking about! I really love them!

Dont use it if you are going for a swim! :)

See that gold sparkel in that purple eyeshadow! So pretty!

Thank you SilkyGirl for inviting me! I have fun! Your team are very nice and friendly! I enjoy my self!
I was delaying this post quite a while. I was waiting SilkyGirl to update the photos that they took durring the event. Most of my picture are blur. I guess i just post this one up first. I meet Diana from QuinKitty. She is such a sweet pretty girl! seriously! She is so pretty! Nice to meet all of the bloggers who attend the event! I'll update more picture later! Till then!

***Updated with pictures!
Diana & Amanda

Do you use SilkyGirl product? Do you like my new picture concept?
I love to hear from you!

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