Guide to Instagram Photo Editing Apps Must Have for Girls

Hello my lovely readers! How are you guys doing!? Today I am not going to post about beauty stuff related, but a tech stuff that im sure all of you would love. Its about Instagram! Have you guys heard about it? It an social networking apps that is just like twitter but we can post and shares pictures. What makes it is more cooler, we can instantly edit our picture to a vintage looking effect picture, or many more effects. At first it is know as only an apple users apps. But now Android user also can download it! Cool huh! Its ok if you dont have Instagram but you wanna know what cool apps to edit your picture. Lets move on with some fun apps!

only for Iphone, Ipod touch, Ipad, & Anroid users

Tokidoki Me!
Features :

  • Stickers of tokidoki characters.
  • Shortcut button to upload in facebook and others.

(Lite version) FREE
(Plus) $0.99
If you are looking for a simple yet very urban-ly style effect, with a twist of sparkly and vintage effect, go for this.
Features :

  • Vintage picture effect
  • Random sparkle or cool wave effect
  • Fun frames

I have no pictures left.. haha! as a result, duck face from my boyfriend.

You can buy more effect in it stores.
 Some picture from this apps that i use for my pictures.

Ever guessing how they make more than one picture or a rounded frame in their picture? Try Diptic! I found there are many apps for this kinda of frame, but i find Diptic is much more easier. You can move the picture to adjust it shape to its frame.
Features :

  • More than 50 frames
  • Frame can be adjusted to a curve corner shape, put it into maximum, it will be a circle type frame.
  • Frame can be colored.
  • Instant shortcut to post it in many social website.

so random steps on how i make the cute chocolate sticks. 

add it to maximum on the rounded corner effect, it turn out to be a circle frame. quite cool!

I have been searching for this apps like so long! I saw many of the ig user have this kind of cute heart shape effect on their picture. It is so pretty!
Features :

  • Quite the same as Pixl o matic. Vintage effects, frames and other effects
  • The heart shape effect! (Much more nicer effects)

before. *picture taken from 

after. *picture taken from Google and edited by me.
Princess Camera
Save the best for the last! I love this app! I found it from Xiaxue. Who else? haha! Everything kawaii is all learn from her.
Features :

  • Kawaii cute picture effects
  • Stickers
  • Colored pens (write yourself)
  • Make your own stamp
  • Lens, eyelash, and hair accessories!
  • Glittery effect! (Im obsess with glitters!)

lots of things you can use! 

Ok dont laugh, what you about to see is quite terrifying! haha! just for fun!

I even edit my cat tubbie. (i know! he's a boy!) i couldt help it! haha!

Thats all of my favorite apps on editing pictures in my IPad. I hope this is useful. Have fun cam whoring! Dont forget to follow me in Instagram.



Hugs and kisses

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