February 2013 Favorites


Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!!!
Oh my! This is another late entry of my last month favorites! Sorry guys! Last 3 days I have a full busy yet productive weekend going on! Will blog more about it! ;) Let's get on on what is my last month favorites!

1. Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick Palette
This palette is kinda my beginner palette of getting to know what lipstick suits me. Its kinda the version of the oh so famous 88 coastal scent palette. Where that was one of my early eyeshadow purchase where I discover what eyeshadow suits me. The texture is creamy yet hydrating. Looking forward in the full size ones! Read the review in my previous post.

2. Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Milk - RM59.90
There where one post where I told you guys about not liking the lotion, but I kinda like the milk! The Arbutin Range make me feels like it is less sticky than the Hydration one. Love love love this moisturize, little goes a long way, hydrating and makes a good base for my makeup. Been using it every single day in my skincare routine!

3.Benefit POREfessional Sample
Love the lemony scent it has and the texture, makes my face velvety smooth even without foundation. I dont usually use this with my Essences foundation where i found it does not really goes well together  But it goes well with my other hydrating BB cream like the Bio-Essences Aqua BB cream. I got this from my last month Vanity Trove Box, read it here.

4. Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care - RM18.90
This is a new discovery from me. I never tried this kind of shaver before. Usually I used the ordinary shaver thats comes in 5-4 piece in one pack. I find that its irritates my skin so I give this a try. Well, sorry guys if this post disgust you guys, its just a shaver where I think is a very important tools to ALL people. Unshave arpits is much worst than talking about shaver. Haha! The pack comes in 1 refills top and another one has been attach on the handle. It is very moisturizing and easy to use!

5. Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 - RM50.00
I got this from a friend of mine who happens to go to UK last Christmas  She ask me whether I want anything from Super Drug, Its kinda like Watsons, but its in the UK. I have been wanting mattes eyeshadow so much. Most of my finds are just bad quality. To my surprise, this palette is just awesome! Super pigmented, last long even without primer and high quality! Will do an individual post about this. In sha Allah soon!

Last word, I just wanna share with you guys that.... I WON TAYLOR SWIFT GOODIES FROM LISA MAGAZINE that I blog last month!! Read it here. Super happy! I am not sure which and what I get. I hope I get the grand prize which includes the fragrance. Can't wait to go get my prize! 

Hugs and kisses

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