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Assalamualaikum & hello everyoneeeeee

I have been dying to talk about this topic for so so long but never get the right tune until today. Are you a good receiver and a good giver? Are you? Arrggghhh You? What does it mean in general? Well, we say life is simple sometime and most "About me" details are always written... "I'm a simple girl, who have a simple life...bla bla bla simple simple simple" Oh really? Well I don't want to be simple or its kinda similar to ordinary. I want to be extraordinary but yet have a simple life. I would have not finish a whole day to write out about my dreams and goals. So back to the topic. Starting with "A good receiver". What does it means? From what I learn is a good receiver is just simple as it is. Yes. Say,

Or any names called by your language. Is it so hard to say that? I am a very very very sensitive person when it comes to say THANK YOU. It takes only a second to breath and say that little magic word. Where to use it? ANYTIME! God does not ask you to pay any charges when you say thank you, even it sound sarcastic.
Say THANK YOU when people gives compliment, helped you, ask how you are doing, etc etc. Even if someone is bashing you, take it as a feedback and say THANK YOU. 
Although you feel like you don't deserve it, please just say thank you. Appreciate the effort people try to tell you although some may be fake if you still wanna be negative about it.
Appreciate the time and effort people gave to you.
I don't know it is just me or I am just being a drama queen. I find it is kinda sad when I commented at others bloggers but they never replied? To much people comment in her blog post? nah, I am the only one there commenting.... Not a people person much? Then, why share stuff in blogs? What do you think, am I over reacting or what? Probably she/he is just shy... And most people only react to the hatred they get. Defending much? I don't think so.
(read GIVER below)

Then, SMILE!

(although my face is so called snobbish when I am not doing nothing)
When people smiled at you, smile back at them. Receive the warm kindness from others kindly. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate when I smiled people look back at me as I was naked! Come on people!
Make the world a better place by just say THANK YOU & SMILE.

Did you realize that most of the time when mostly receive than we give? Do you ever feel the gratefulness when God gave you life. Everyday, celebrate 5 success you achieve. Even the simplest thing that you think if you don't achieve it, just appreciate it with yourself!
1. I woke up 5 minutes early today!
2. I smiled the whole day!
3. I helped my friend to pick her things!
4. I manage to drink 8 glass of water today!
5. God gave me air so I can breath the whole day...
Upgrade your success story day by day :)


The second one is be a good GIVER! Money is the second topic to this ok. It does not always need to be a good giver just by being a rich people. Be a good giver means that,

"Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate" - Unknown

why spend you precious time by bashing what you hate? Why spread the hate while you can give the love you have? Avoid youself from involving such hatred surrounding who only knows to complain and bashing people. What you get? Satisfaction? Here an example of a situation,
When you saw your friend, start looking for something to compliment rather than to judge the flaws. BE TRUE TO YOUR COMPLIMENT! If there is nothing, just shut up! (but if her jeans are unzip, whisper to her ok) I have a few group of people who always always find flaws of other people. In Malay we say "Ada je lah benda tak kene!" Why? Why people! Why such hatred! It is so easy to be a good giver! Everyone can be one and if you are fortunate be and extra extra good giver! Don't forget to help the unfortunate. One of the secret of being a millionaire that I learn is they always give 5-10% of their monthly income to others. Remember, the more you give the more you get.
So to the reaction about people don't reply people comments answer is. I was wrong. To be a good giver don not hope for someone to give you back. :) Self reminder. You can change people unless you change yourself.

Everyone can be kind.
Make someone smile a day, keep the hatred away. :)

Well this is just my opinion tho, no offend on others and I am not relating this to anyone, it is just a general thought.

Hugs and kisses

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  1. Very good to see this kind of post.
    Indeed, 1 simply smile brighten up one's day!
    and simple gesture of appreciation make ppl feel better.
    Like this and support ❤

  2. yes.. I totally agree spread love instead of hate :)

    1. Agreed! ;) Thank you for reading dear!

    2. you are most welcome :) love to read your post anyway!