Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer Review


Hello everyone! Did you use primer before makeup? I do sometimes. The current primer I have are the POREfessional by Benefit, Etude House Baby Choux and the most raved Smashbox photofinish. So far I have been loving the Smashbox. I don't really use primer on a daily basis is because I find that it is too much for an everyday "steps". When I am out for a special outing I would use it and make sure to really removes my makeup completely on the night when i got home. It is because primer are usually can't be seen or detected as it is mostly in a clear form of color. Today I will review another primer and this is from Hope girl bought by a local brand Nafura.

This primer is originated from Korea if I am not mistaken. It comes in a easy pump bottle that I love. The texture is pretty much just like the Smashbox photofinish but slightly "matte" just like the POREfessional but not flaky as the POREfessional. It has a pink tint color to it and this helps to brighten dull skin. So far I am impress by this primer. It is lightweight, does not really clog my pores and makes my makeup last longer. The only thing I don't like is the way it smells. I have a hard time when I wanna put this on my face. I don't like the small of it. It's too like.. I don't know.. woody? I am bad at describing scent. This primer is widely use by Makeup Artist here in Malaysia from what I can see from her Instagram Shop. So far, this is one of the best primer I ever use!

Name : Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer by Nafura
Price : RM 95

What is your favorite face primer?
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  1. Replies
    1. yep! aritu makeuokan kawan sab nikah. makeuo mmg tahan. seriuos best

  2. huhu..the smell to me is like bunga rose tp lebih strong.

  3. I bought this but I really can't wear it because of the smell. I think my nose is too sensitive to the scent :P

  4. when blended doesn't seem much of difference... tgh survey2 gak primer n foundation tuk acne scars.. any recommendation.... your blog do help me... keep up the work