How to do your research online before purchasing anything in Malaysia

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Ever felt that you want to buy something but researching for the right product to suit your own criteria seems to be a huge hassle? Espeicially when the product might not be available here in Malaysia? It happened to me and still does. For example, what is the best skin care product for sensitive skin? Or what is the best eyeliner for oily lids? Most of the products that are recommended online are not available here. Anddd the list goes on.

So here is my case, I was looking for a deep fryer. Since I heard a lot about how it is way healthier and you do not need a single oil. The question that arises on my mind is, what is the type of air fryers available? What are the prices? How are they difference? And lastly, can I buy it here in Malaysia? So I did a google search to help with my findings and I found a site that seems to solve my issue on the spot! 
Is a post written on ProductsHideout, never heard of them but they seem to know the pain we all are facing! So after I saw their post on the best air fryer in Malaysia, a 10 minutes research has shorten down to just 3 minutes and the best part is they recommended the best place to buy online for the cheapest price! 

I am curious to know more on what they do so I contacted the owner of this site and this is what he told me on email

Hi Sabrina!

Thank you for contacting us! I am glad that we could solve your issue, this is personally the same problem I had myself too. So I decided to do this to help people to make better decision in their purchasing in Malaysia. Let the research to be done by us and all you need to do is trust our research and make your purchase decision on it. We did not want to make too lengthy content too, but straight to the point. Three main points such as what makes this product different, the price and where you can get it.

I hope we can continue serve to our readers, and your email has just encouraged us to do more!

Thank you!


It is always an honour to write about local writters and how they take this initiative to help to make Malaysia a better place. Since then, I will always check their site up for latest update. Their recommendation on beauty products is amazing too. Do check their site up guys!
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