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I was scrolling through my Facebook and realize I’m at the age whereby when you are entering the “women” stage, your news feed gets pretty much flooded with news about kids, toddlersand stuff like that. Day by day, I get worried by how fast my son is growing up. I can’t even believe that he can mumble the ABC song right now! He is only 1 year 3 months old! Haha! Kids these days are so advanced, not like back in the days. You can show them a few steps on how to play with their toys and they can independently play with it. As busy as I can be, I always try to have time for my son to ensure that he has enough support for his learning and growing process.

From what I can remember when we were young, many of our parents focused on our IQ or education but not EQ, our emotional intelligence development. But these days, it’s clear that both IQ & EQ are equally important. As a parent, I will need to make sure my son is well-prepared for the future. When choosing a milk formulas for my son, I read the label carefully and compare the ingredients. I noticed something new in Enfagrow A+ that is different from other milk formulas. Not only does it have the highest level of DHA, it also offers MFGM in their formulation. It’s a new breakthrough ingredient that I and many mothers out there are really excited about!
Now both IQ & EQ are important. If my son has high IQ, gets straight As in school, but has low EQ and cannot emphatize or get along with others, what’s the point? A good balance between both mental and emotional development is important. The good news for all mothers out there is that there is a new breakthrough in pediatric nutrition. Research shows that MFGM, which is found abundantly in the brain, helps support EQ development. Now for me, that is interesting and unique. It is also very helpful in helping me prep my child to be future ready. We do not only focus on the IQ part (education) but also on how a child behaves. For me, that is veryimportant. After doing some research, studiesalso show that MFGM was shown to help support emotional behavioural regulation in children. And Enfagrow A+ is the 1st brand to launch MFGM in the market. I believe that whatever my child consumes does have an effect on how he will behave. 
Just like other moms, I want the best for my son. Especially in these first 5 years of his development, time flies so fast, I will need to be ready and always support his needs by making sure he receives the right guidance to grow, supported by proper nutrition. During these first 5 years, a child brain triples in size and undergoes rapid development and will slow down when he/she reach his/her adolescence. So I am on his critical years! 
Now I understand and do believe that both cares towards my son IQ & EQ are fairly important. The world is constantly changing, the technology and the new level of education that my son will face. I believe that by raising my son and teaching him about how to behave is the best way to make sure he will be able to cope with his future challenges. He has to be confident, know his self-worth, have his beliefs and of course his Ps and Ts! (Please and thank yous!). Attitude is important, and really, as a mother, all I hope for is that my son is emotionally resilient.

If you’re a mother, you can give Enfagrow A+ and its new formulation a try! Get your free sample for your #FutureReadyMalaysians here:

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  1. We all want the same things for our children. We want them to grow up to love, to be loved, to follow their dreams, to find success. I have kids age ranging of 16 years old, 10 years old, 8 years old and 6 years old. I believe that happy, optimistic children are the product of happy, optimistic homes, regardless of anything. When my eldest child went to boarding school, I learn that to promote my child's lifelong emotional well being is to help him feel me, his siblings, other family members, his friends and even to pets.
    With good food and happy, optimistic homes, a child will grow up as a good person themselves.

  2. hi,saya datang singgah sini.. my son pun minum susu enfagrow.. memang bagus susu ni.. hehe :)