My Beauty Diary Black Pearl & Natto Fermented Mask Review

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My Beauty Diary is a well-known sheet mask in Malaysia. It is also the No 1 bestselling mask in Taiwan. They have various types of mask you can choose to suit your skin needs. I think they have like 10 variants if I am not mistaken. Well, my favourite is this two! The Black Pearl & The Natto Fermented.
Each box contains 8 pcs of sheet mask that is packed individually. I think it can be a great gift idea too!
Each variant has different packaging design on it. The description on the mask is written in Mandarin but before throwing the plastic wrap from the box, do take note that there is a sticker labelled in English about the product info. 
Natto Fermented Mask - Targeted for dry skin. It is a moisturizing mask. It provides intense hydration to the skin. It is formulated with a refined Resilience Intense Hydration Polyglumatic acid extracted from natto. Natto is a rich protein that helps to nourish the skin. It also contains plant extracts such as Glycyrrhiza Glabra root extract and rice ferment moisturize, brightens, and clarify the skin. I love to use this make before applying makeup. Use this 30 mins before your makeup routine and you will notice that your foundation looks more blended and nicely finished. 
The Black Pearl - This mask gives an intense brightening effect. It also provides hydration to your skin. Great for threatening dull skin, as it is formulated with hydrolyzed collagen and brightening lemon extract. Dull skin will be repaired and renewed. Also provides hydration with its red algae and arnica extracts. A perfect Mermaid mask I think! Hehe. 
I love the texture of the sheet mask. It hugged my skin nicely and gives comfortable feeling when using it, it does not slips or drips. All of the serum/essence from the mask really absorbed to my skin without leaving heavy or sticky feeling.

Current Promo: In conjunction of Black pearl 10th anniversary, get free 1pcs Black Pearl Mask with purchase of EX +MASK
My Beauty Diary are available at SASA & Gueardian Store Nationwide.
For more details, visit My Beauty Diary Facebook Page :

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1 comment