Interior Design 2021 trend in Malaysia | Affordable service options with IDW Design Collection

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Siapa yang dekat sini minat sangat dengan interior design? I do! Since I was a kid, I always dreamt of a nice interior in my house. It does not matter how big it is but the interior has to be like what I would want. Small space does not limit a creative and beautiful space as long as you know how to utilize the space you have. Berangan-berangan juga, how do we do this? Nak hire interior design takut pula harga consultation dia. Baik survey2 dulu kan. So rather than just scrolling though Google, better have a proper guide from a real interior book. 

Let me introduce to you the ALL YOU NEED book guide to all interior ideas and guide from IDW Design & Build (IDW)In this book they have prepared over 200 collection design and complete detail for you to follow! Moreover, this book has a complete detail of measurements, ideas, and ways to make your space more practical and useful. The whole book is well printed and is quite a handful! It has a hard cover with sleek paper printing. A very high-quality book indeed.

A humble beginning from both founders with over 14 years of Interior Design experience. Both has an education background of Diploma Studies in Interior Design and Degree in Interior Architecture and ended with Master of Science Facilities Management. Their first big project was to provide service of design and renovate a bungalow which costed RM1.1million and was then also handled a project cost RM17million which is to provide service of designing a collage at an age of 23. Their journey was not a bed of roses, they do face challenges such as getting scammed by suppliers and have high debt challenges. But they keep strong and built the IDW empire amazingly. They both does really inspired me a lot!

Along the journey they are also challenged by the COVID-19 challenge. With the challenges faced before they are mentally prepared for it. They shifted their main focus by focusing on the "new normal" to release their first book collection entitled IDW Design Collection to help more homeowners to get their dream home.

On the very early page you can see the sections of space they covered. Basically everything! From Living area, Kitchen, Study Room, Bedroom, Family Area and even prayer room ideas! 

How details I meant is VERY DETAILED! On each design they have prepared a complete measurement of the whole look for the space. They even give out the size ideas in square fit. For example, 50sqft seems small to me, but in this book how they can change the 50sqft into a great practical space around the home. They even give you layout and dimension to fit to your space.

Besides that, they also suggested on how you can play with colour and theme. The whole pattern and look of a space play a role on which colour palette you choose to use in that space. Thus, with at least 4 main colours could give you a whole new vibe to the space. Rose gold indeed a nice colour with a touch of any primary 3 main colours like the example shown below!

From your bedroom to your children bedroom! Create harmony colour space for your child with the ideas that they provide. don't worry! On each section you will get at least 5-6 or more styles and ideas. Not only from colour palette but on how you can play with fabric textures to live up the space.

I was really inspired by this one section. The prayer room is defiantly my dream space to have! Look at the idea shown below. How amazing it is to have our own prayer room complete with storage keep on the wall well nicely done. A pointed to kiblah carpet that fits basically the whole family! The Islamic pattern on the wall gives such calm and peaceful vibe to the whole room, as well as the carpet with kiblah ready position is such a great idea.

This book offers 200 exclusive design with every elements and styles you can ever imagine. With this book it will guide and provide homeowners to visionaries the real idea on how their home will look like base on theme and space planning. As usually consolation for ID design cost about RM6k. I really do recommend this book that will help you get more ideas and learn more about how you can utilize your space nicely so that you able to get it more practical. You can check them out for more info! But if you are really looking for an interior service around Malaysia, specifically around Selangor or Kuala Lumpur area, don't hesitate to contact IDW today!

More info do follow their Instagram page :

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