3D Interactive mural arts at The Atmosphere


Salam & hello everyone! Remember my last post about the Art event I mention a few days ago? You can check out the post here (link). Well, me and my bloggers friend went there to watch ourselves all 80 interactive murals made by 20 awesome artist! They are really awesome and it is in a celebration of the grand opening of a new shopping complex in Seri Kembangan called, The Atmosphere. Featuring a art that we call street art, as in like graffiti where these remarkable art painted on walls and streets with their own unique meaning. In other reason also, The Atmosphere is now the top collector of having all these murals in Malaysia making it a unique place to go appreciating all 20 artist for all these. The Atmosphere is a joint venture between two award winning company that is Eksons Corporation Berhad and Tempo Properties Sdn Bhd. There is going to be bistros, showrooms, stores, cafes, restaurant , banks and more in one place.

Below are all 20 artist featuring, Haze Long, Michy, Richard Van Kat, Emmalynn Yam, Mono, Cloakwork, Angle Ng, Lim Anuar, Candy Tan, Anokayer, Sattama, The Sliz, Eaves, Andrew T Crum, Escape Va, Kangblabla, Fuad Shah, Shien Sim, Chekri Mansor and Kenzy is Noyz.

Along side with all the mural arts, this event launching is also celebrated with lots of activities and people you don't really meet everyday! I meet dark vader, chun li from the street fighter, cat woman, err.. captain america and a magician! look how fascinated i am at below pic watching that guys do some magic tricks! Oh I want his wallet, so if people wanna lend me money, I said I burn my wallet!

Now lets droll on some pictures on some of the arts I manage to capture in my humble iPhone camera! I had lots of fun and also thank you to Sabby for some of the picture she took for me! Thank you gorgeous!

Thats a wrap! How awesome is that? Tell me which one is your favorite! Thank you too Sabby, Innanie, Kifli, Nizam, Maha Mahu for beign such a good sport! Awesome day everyone! And don't forget to enter their photo contest!


More info go to :
Official Website : http://theatmosphere.com.my

The Atmosphere is located at 1-3, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 2, Taman Prima Tropika, 43300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

GPS Coordinate : N 2° 58.952' E 101° 39.767'

You can also find it in Waze by searching 'The Atmosphere'

Which art mural is your favorite?
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  1. I suka gile gambar u ngn kifli tu. Awesome!!

  2. Oh my god! All of them are awesome! I love especially the jumping over the rope one! Should be so much fun while shooting the photos for that! Some of them really look 3D. Just can't believe my eyes that those are murals actually. I'll be sure to check them out during the semester break.
    Great photos, Sab! Thanks for sharing! Btw, good luck with your FYP!
    Xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com

    1. hehe i like that one too! yep, they are murals! Aw.. thank you! <3 <3 <3

  3. Wow! The first one with the stairs on the ground is my favorite. I went to something similar here in South Korea recently but it wasn't nearly as awesome as this!

  4. Absolutely love this! Some of them looked sooo surreal but some just looked like regular paintings.

    1. yep! some of them looks like regular painting tho, but it was okay. i wish they painted the whole building other than section by section