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Salam & hello everyone! Have you heard? Especially to my lovely cute readers out there about the fixie bike? Last night I went to the SOX win a fixie by Xpax. Me and the other blogger friends have been invited to this casual meet up along with other 50+ influential people. Influential? Indeed. This event was held at Paradigm mall at D'Itaianes. Good food good people! It was indeed a fun night! All of my blogger friends indeed cray cray! haha!

This event also have been attend by these very very well know influential person among the teenagers. I myself are pretty much fascinated by them. Why? Crazy! They have more than 100k worth of followers in Twitter! Along with the others influential both instagrammers and twitters teens have attend this event to make SOXfixie a twitter trend!

Syada Amzah & Adel Asha

We were entertain by an awesome flash mob! Starting with a lil commotion where the security guard try to chase a bike thief! It was hilarious actually, hehe. There were an awesome dance performance too! All dance to the music with fixie bike cycling around! Yehaww! The second surprise is that all attendees get the chance to win a fixie bike on that day it self! Sabby was one of the finalist! Haha! She was pretty determine to win! Unfortunately the biy have grab the bike first! Congratulation bro!

It was a blast night! I had fun as well sitting comfortably with that spaghetti they gave us! Hehe... It was good! So now, why not you try your luck to win this awesome fixie bike! I want one too if I can turn back my age! So here's how, simple! If you are a SOX Celcom user, just spend RM1 a day and your number/name will be included in their daily lucky draw. Each day there will be a different winners, so you get higehr chances! Super sweet! Now, who does not want a plan that gives you back dont cha?

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