Back in Stock! - Our best selling B101 Face Luxe Brush

Well hello there beautiful and amazing people! Oh yes, I am still on my confinement period. But says who I can't do some work right? Well, after a long period of back and forward with our factory, My brush line, Breena Beauty best selling brush B101 Face Luxe Brush is now BACK IN STOCK! Yes, yes, a lot of you have been ask about this and thankfully. It is now back in stock, same price but it is improved! We receive a few feedback on our early bathes and we decide to give more time on the production to keep the quality improved and yes with the same price tag. So don't miss this stock! Production do takes time so better grab it now! How to buy? Through online (we accept online payment through iPay88, Manual bank in & Paypal) or through our new service, Whatapps order. Check the dets below :

[ Price ]
B101 Face Luxe Brush RM45.00
B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush RM25.00
B216 Brow Definer Brush RM25.00
+Shipping RM7.00 (SM) / RM10.00 (SS)
Shop Online :
Whatapps : 018 272 8557

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for more details. We have so many exciting new product to be launch and stuff!
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  1. Sis ke yang selalu muncul kat tv9 setiap hari jumaat tu? Ke saya salah orang ni. Heheh.

  2. Salam sis sab :)
    sorry for asking this question but do you mind to share what is you skincare that you been using now? Ur skin is soo glowing and pretty :)
    Hope you dont mind to share with.. Tq.

    1. Wasalam dear, I always change my skincare products. Any latest product I am reviewing, that is the skincare I am using. But For now I am using the SK-II Genetopics, yadah cleansers, Origins spot remover