The New Doctorcos Snow White Water Glow Mask Premium | Original Doctorcos Malaysia

There has been so many discussion going on the best selling mask in my previous post here, which I also feature in my video too. Now they came out with a premium range and it is called the Doctorcos Snow White Water Glow Mask Premium. This is an ultimate 9 in one water glow mask developed by professional dermatologists in Korea "Upgrade Version Of Amino Acid Doctorcos. It is a mask that you will need to apply just like a mask pack but it will gives you a mask effect just like wearing a mask sheet where it really helps to penetrate deeply to your skin. It said that this mask will keep your skin moist over 120 hours. Your skin is protected and pack with a 2 layer of Silk Veil + Aqua Veil from the outside. It can be use as a moisturizing cream, and also mask / sleeping pack and more (apply generously and leaves for a few minutes).
This is the upgraded version of Doctorcos amino acid. I was told that the manufacturer came out with 2 different packaging. For their domestic supply they don't have logo print on the box, QR code and hologram. For international supply they have logo printed on it, QR Code and the hologram sticker just like above shown. Features its 9 in one system :  nutrients, skin pore tightening effects, increase elasticity,  moisturizing, Whitening,anti ageing, eye cream, mask sheet and sleeping mask
I could say that compare to the non premium version, they look the same (comes in a jar). The texture is pretty much the same to but I feel like this one is more richer when touched. It has a pretty similar scent but the new upgraded version has a more fresher scent to it. It also has a nice cooling sensation when I swatch it. 
Here is how it looks in just one use. I apply a generous amount on my face and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I wipe it off and I feel my skin is freshen up, hydrated and glow. I also took a small amount of the Doctorcos and apply it like a moisturizer. It is definitely a quick way to make your skin freshen up and looks more awake.

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