Judging for McDonald’s Story Telling Contest 2017

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Hi everyone! I am so happy and honoured that I get the chance to be the judge for the McDonald’s Storytelling Contest 2017 live audition again! Last year was a blast and this year is even more exciting! The live audition was held at Pelangi Indah McDonald’s. Along with me are Teacher Nicolas & Teacher Pramesh.
A total of 6 contestants were shortlisted for the live audition. The contest is open for kids from age 6 to 9 years old. They are selected from the first round which was held though Instagram video submission. Family members and friends gather to give full support and watch their live audition being held there. I was so excited and just in love with how they put a whole effort on the costume and props.
The live audition begins and each contestant was given 5 minutes to tell their story and perform their show. Some of them tell their story in English and some of them are in Bahasa. Judging and scoring are based on their body language, voice mechanism, stage usage, and props. This is such a great opportunity for them as they also learn about self-confidence.
Everyone did a really great job and I had a really great time watching their audition. Each contestant tells such an amazing story with morals we all can learn. 
After that, Ronald McDonald makes an appearance with a little storytelling show! The kids had such fun time while they also get to participate in Ronald McDonald story time.
 After that, each contestant was given a certificate and token of appreciation.
The contest also offers prizes worth up to RM 100,000. There are 11 Consolation Prizes worth RM2000 to be won and they all get the chance to win a holiday for 4 paxs to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park or Shanghai Disney Resort or Thailand Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark! The grand prize is to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea! I would love to go there too! I find that the prizes are amazing! I'm excited for them. 

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