Jayeon Sheet Masks Review

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I first tried Jayeon Mask a few months ago when I bought it through Hermo 612 Sale. I bought the one in Raspberry and of course why? Because it looks aesthetic and its pink. Hah! Then I get the chance to try the other 2 types from Jayeon sheet mask range. I love sheet mask! I will try to wear them when I am doing something and this just make time flies faster and I can do 2 things in one go. As a mom, I need to take care of my family and workloads. Usually, I will wear it after I took a shower and while wearing it, I will do some house chores or some play time with my son. I am going to give a quick review of each mask that I tried here.

Raspberry Brightening Mask
My favourite of all 3! I find that it hydrates very well and makes my skin glow better upon makeup application. Main Active Ingredients: Noni (Improve Skin Health & Anti-oxidant), Raspberry (Protection & Brightening), 6 Types of Plant Extracts: Cornflower, Starflower, Lavender, German chamomile, Clary & Hyacinth.

Pearl Whitening Mask
This mask was just okay. It is not hydrating as the other two. It absorbs less quick and it gives a "glitter" effect on the skin after using it. It claims to help tone up the skin and reduce impurities. Main Active Ingredients: Pearl Extract (Antioxidant & Brightening), Aloe Vera (Soothing & Moisturizing), Witch Hazel (Antioxidant), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

Aloe Hydrating Mask
Super hydrating mask and absorb on the skin like a dream. Best to be used before makeup when your skin feels a bit dry and want some hydrating boost before applying a matte foundation. Key Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera (Moisturizing & Soothing), Licorice (Antioxidant & Brightening), Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract (Nourishing & Moisturizing), Purslane (Soothing & Moisturizing, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-bacterial), White Mulberry (Brightening & Firming)

All Jayeon Sheet Mask is not formulated with any animal derivatives, alcohol and they are all made from Korea. Each 1 pcs of mask only retails for RM4.00. You can purchase Jayeaon product through their official website jayeoncosmetics.com or https://www.hermo.my/brand/680-jayeon

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1 comment

  1. Hi Sabrina, may I know what camera do you use to take pictures of yr products?